Personal summary do Shanghai dragon in the process of problems

every day?

1, first of all, do Shanghai dragon we have a long-term plan execution? Many people are not, including himself in the early stages of the Shanghai dragon is blind, don’t know what to do. Every day the work is done in the Shanghai dragon, but do things every day without a plan, want to do when you do, when they just don’t want to do it. For a Shanghai dragon ER it with the phenomenon to appear more, a lot of people are blind indignities, complaining about the change of search engine abnormal voice also came out, in fact, when we see people who often have plans to update the site we found that we were wrong.

4, every day in the test of our website, we do Shanghai dragon is actually beat our competitors in the competition between invisible, the change has become our concern. If we update frequency and ranking and rival gap is relatively large, we should reflect on whether we do well enough to continue to improve my web site. This is what we do in the process of Shanghai dragon has been a concern.

is 2, the content of the website can regularly update? We are a lot of people love collection, because the acquisition can greatly reduced our work time is very loose, but never considered the consequences of acquisition. The site is greatly drop right after the increase worried until we found the original article, the original has been a lot of headaches, but the real effect is very obvious, even if the daily updates length is less. However, real can persist in writing original person is very few, one or two days can also insist, 80% people one week time began to give up.

learn to do Shanghai dragon is not a easy thing, we go to bed every day, every day must eat, but whether we can do Shanghai dragon have to do


is more than the sum of individual do easily neglected problems in the process of Shanghai dragon, personal feeling to do anything better a positioning can take any action, the limit is successful do more of this.

3, outside the chain of the importance of the website is obviously, but to grasp the quantity and quality of the chain is the more important things to do in the process of Shanghai dragon. If we do every day outside the chain can not guarantee stable growth, many of our efforts are in vain. The chain is not an easy thing, we need long-term accumulation to show real power. We are a lot of people probably are in the aspects of a problem, lead to the bigger and even hesitate to move forward, want to give up. But the chain is also a double-edged sword, the chain the more the better, but many webmaster do too much, it is easy to cause the search engine to website of extreme value, could make your site in a few minutes soon. The growth regularity of the chain adhere to the development of the site is very important.

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