Discussion on the principles and skills of website keyword selection

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when we use the search engine to search information, the key choice of keywords is beyond doubt. The correct analysis and processing of words, is to improve the search results of the premise of satisfaction. At the same time, in practice there will emerge in search of new problems, new keyword selection principle and more skills. To learn knowledge on the processing and analysis of key words, will deepen our understanding of the search engine.

(1) to concise. The current search engine in natural language processing is not very strong. Therefore, when submitting the search request, users should put their thoughts into simple and hope to find the information content of topic Association query. As in the previous examples of "famous quotes about students" patriotic, if not delete search results of "students", reject the extra "about", remove the importance of repeated "celebrity", "famous patriotic refined into concise and comprehensive". So, from the search intention to choose and refine the theme information retrieval words, form a clear and accurate concept, can avoid the failure caused by the key words retrieval lengthy.

(2) accurately. Keywords accurate representation is a necessary prerequisite to obtain good results. To improve the accuracy of key words, need to pay attention to two aspects: one is to avoid; the two is to avoid ambiguous words. For simple, popular, ambiguous words, should take modifiers to add some restriction, the search objective stated a bit more complete. For example, the "apple" rewrite "apple fruit", the search results will become a lot of satisfaction. In addition, the combination of keyword search syntax, it also can effectively improve the quality of the search, such as "food science", with English double quotes so long as a keyword can not be cut whole, can improve the precision of search results. Most search syntax is very simple, use the search engine before, spend a little time to understand the grammar rules, which helps to quickly and efficiently find required information.

search results is very close with the choice of keywords. To choose appropriate keywords from the following points.

keyword selection principleHow the quality of

I believe that many webmaster friends all know to promote a keyword, you should first check to love Shanghai love Shanghai index of the word, for me this has just launched a new station, can love Shanghai index lower do first, after promotion up, choose add hot point keywords, because the choice of words is directly related to the site’s ranking time, choose the competition keywords needed time is relatively long, the promotion according to their own requirements and the.

(3) representative. Is said to become a typical sign of keyword query time, things, people and places in general can be increased effectively limiting factors on behalf of keywords. For example, to find the title language exam syllabus, if directly as keywords >

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