How the medical team to establish network optimization Department

any optimization team, the importance of optimizing the team is a must, their main job is data analysis, site optimization to determine the direction of better. Optimization of the site has its own unique thinking, according to the website the problems put forward constructive suggestions and solutions. This team does not need too much, plus one or two members in charge of optimization on the line basically.


three: optimize Department promotion chain specialist.


network planning department (including copy), products (including program and art etc.), bidding department, Department, consulting department and optimization. Relatively speaking, planning department, product department, bidding and consulting department this is rigid demand, these personnel configuration is certainly more abundant. Marketing Director of operations under the leadership and coordination of various departments of the supervisor and the employee can operate and optimize everything in good order and well arranged, Department of medical network team heart pain.

why not satisfied with the performance optimization of the Department, because the medical team do not pay attention to. (relatively more rapid and direct competitive bidding) of a department there is no fighting, the first is the Department in charge of. The army must pre election will be the Department in charge of fixed form, optimize the team to better do the optimization work of medical. So how should optimize departmental staffing

for the medical network marketing team, the establishment of a search engine marketing department is necessary. The search engine optimization Department Department is indispensable. Optimization of the Department today a friend to the guardian asked how to establish the medical network team, compared and no medical network team most of the attention optimization of this one, so the medical optimization of this one has been the heart of pain. The guardian felt it necessary to introduce medical personnel allocation optimization.

two: Department of force optimization group editor.


medical website editors believe that is the largest medical team, and most of the medical team at the time of hiring is given by the editor. Because the optimization cost is low (most of the medical team for the novice editor). The medical website content basically they are filled, or copy and paste or pseudo original, every day they create Everfount website content, and the content of the web site to a great extent on site optimization plays an important role. In this regard, especially beginners can best training system.

: optimization of group core sector.

chain (extrapolation) is a network specialist team indispensable members, and most of the medical class of Internet advertising is that they sent, they made the ad completely not to pay attention to any quality. The purpose is very simple: let the user can see our advertising, is to let the spider crawl our website, so every crazy registered account – Advertising – Title – registered account.

The medical team will have

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