About love Shanghai for web content recognition

21 network, sometimes write their own original articles included, but there is no marked original content; sometimes non original articles are reproduced from the original content of the mark. Of course, this situation may arise is the identification of love Shanghai itself in the original content on the database is not strong enough, the transition is still not perfect on background content. From the academic point of view, if an article in 30 words continuous with the other parts of the same, but the quotation does not add a reference marker, can be identified as plagiarism.

Take the Since the original

original plan to run similar and love Shanghai original Mars program for such a long time, has not achieved good results. Personally think that now more content recognition may depend more on the weight of Shanghai love only, and the content is not much correlation.

two, love Shanghai for web content format recognition

, a Shanghai love content on the site of the original identification

started last month, I made two tourist information website, the website is good, but has not yet been updated snapshot, ranking. My personal analysis, may be on the content of the site there are still some problems, so here today to 21 nets (www.21w.cc) as an example to discuss something with you to identify the content of the website in love with Shanghai on a problem.


three, love Shanghai for web content page time recognition

, love Shanghai spiders crawl, just grab the content of the text, discarded code format. However, in turn to love, Shanghai needs to identify some formats used to do black hat Shanghai Longfeng approach, from this point to say, love Shanghai not discard the page code in the grab will code and text to crawl.

then, with the above analysis, we now through the article to add some new format and layout can achieve the pseudo original? For this problem, I still can not completely gives the conclusions, but one thing is sure is that the layout excluded by the user experience factors, for love Shanghai crawl or have a certain influence.

began in May of this year, Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai original Mars program, a sign it is obvious that the page index added before a time. Love in Shanghai is illustrated, in the original content above preferential way to meet the needs of users as long as the premise, give priority to show, in addition, the show, to the original content of mark. However, according to the actual operation of each part of the feedback of my personal webmaster, everyone felt the original recognition love in Shanghai is not high, including the author.

do not know if you have such experience, to build a website, the website can capture function, back from other related site acquisition, processing of the format, and then released to the website, mark love Shanghai also can give the original content.

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