Seven tips to help you create a charming breast health net

2015 Super Bowl ad reds, NBA star Odom’s aunt Kardashian son? In the personal social network exposed photo with President Obama, "dressed" Kardashian sexy, can not help but let many users wonder, why Kardashian is so charming? It is especially eye-catching "chest", below please Xiaobian together to find out how to develop a charming breast!

first, the correct sitting posture

to maintain good posture, a great help to the chest.


specific to the chest and abdomen to sagging breasts do not relax, to maintain the correct posture is not just on the chest, the female body is an effective method for correction of.

two, bath breast massage

a lot of people have heard of bathing can breast enhancement, but few people know the specific method.

specific methods: shower to wash shower chest, use warm water, rinse for at least 1 minutes each time, to promote the development of thymus and stimulate blood circulation. This will not only keep clean, but also increase the flexibility of the chest, prevent sagging.

three, conducive to the development of breast food

foods can provide adequate nutrition combined with appropriate chest exercise, the development of the breast will be more effective. To promote adolescent breast development, can eat some foods rich in vitamin E and beneficial hormone secretion, such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, corn oil and rapeseed oil and other natural for a female, but also eat some high calorie foods such as eggs, lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, beans, vegetable oil and so on.

1, green papaya breast

tricks Xiangjie: Green Papaya peeled, seeded, Diced Pork, diced, hot hot fishy. The pot boil water, put ribs, papaya, onion, ginger, cooking wine into, with small fire stew 3 hours, thrown into the salt seasoning food. Special reminder, fresh papaya slightly bitter in winter, is a normal phenomenon, can be at ease to eat.

effectiveness analysis: green papaya is the first breast good fruit, Kelly Lin, Yuku Hsu eat it to breast. Because of the abundant content of papaya enzyme and vitamin A can stimulate female hormone secretion, can help breast, papaya enzyme can decompose protein, promote the body’s absorption of protein, meat collocation is best.

2, jujube tea breast

Chinese medicine, red dates taste sweet and temperature, has the functions of spleen and stomach, clothing, adjustable resistance, Yangxue Yiqi, Ning god. Postpartum or the menstrual period, food can benefit the body. In addition, for beauty, breast, breast can. Both edible and medicinal value.

tips: 1 red dates in the menstrual period, such as the eye is swollen, swollen feet and wet weight, should not choose the prescription containing red dates. 2 cold, fever, abdominal distension, weakness of the spleen and stomach and diabetic patients should not eat red dates.

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