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DoNews and Renren, mop net tied for one thousand oak group’s three platforms. In 2012, thousands of oak group founded bullfighting Network Technology Co., Ltd., through the matador to operate Donews, which did not change the DoNews business objectives are unclear, the operation of the deteriorating reality, until 2014.

"why Sheng Xiao silent" hit not only to promote the sale of the novel, while its synchronized broadcast, as long as the sweep of television under the two-dimensional code, you can always buy the characters in the same section of clothing. Romantic love, sweet appearance is difficult to let the young people of her heart. Tmall this time the T2O test is very successful, and freely emotional marketing to win over the young consumer group.

Zhou Qin Han Tang Beijing culture Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Wang Le and Jiang Nan, with two holding 50% respectively.

however, the process of the rise of new media in China is the process of gradual inundation of DoNews. In 2008, DoNews suffered a deep slump, the founder of Qihoo 360 Liu Ren alleged blackmail and impose exactions on jingfangxingju, and at the end of 2009, was sentenced to 3 years in prison, with the then editor Xu Xin and jailed.

After the completion of


someone will ask, "itch point" is to change the angle to see the problem, think of others can not think of, also is also wrong. It is said, because he thought the others thought; said he was wrong, because this is not just another point of view, we have used too much because of the novelty of Internet products and later that it is just a Yuhua simply can not make long time of our heart. Is the life of the broadcasting company, MV is the beautiful angel, is the first Internet site navigation channel, we can’t imagine one day as we use these products for many years as one day of the protagonist, litchi FM, beauty shot, Phuket 114 they found a modern love "participation" itch, anchor video, navigation, construction, life for these more exciting.

in 2010, Jiang Nan began as DoNews’s chief operating officer, is equivalent to pick up a mess. After 80 years of university graduation, when he edited for two years, 5 years after 3 jobs, who would have thought that Liu Ren’s mess has become the starting point of his billionaire road?.

first introduced institutional shareholders, Wang Le and Jiang Nan holdings fell to 63.83%.

pain point is a must, desire to buy clothes, travel desire, sports psychology and so on, but how can not become the manufacturing which requires products as trassient as a fleeting cloud with our brains. Now’s network products emerge in an endless stream, almost every one hit for the healthy growth of children, let the parents worry free philosophy, freaky help but listen to the main mothers emotional story, become mothers Tucao, homely chatter, gossip. Freaky help complete found young women to do just itch, mother, suddenly at home and at leisure and family relations confused, here fully found the object of talk, a similar situation companion. So, freaky help in pregnant baby products come out on top is not accidental, it contains the new mothers heart care and understanding.

2014 January, Donews editor in chief Wang Le, chief operating officer Jiang Nan, matador Management Buyout MBO, the purchase price of 1 yuan / registered capital. Wang Le, Jiang Nan total to 857 thousand and 100 yuan price, got 85.71% stake in matador, thousand oak group shareholding ratio dropped to 14.29%.


MBO, Wang Le and Jiang Nan launched a radical reform of the Donews while introducing institutional shareholders. In April 2014, by the Shenzhen Venture Capital lead, Hebei, Hebei Shijiazhuang laterite venture, Beijing laterite venture deep LETV Nebula Investment Center limited partnership, Beijing Guotai Jiaze Venture Investment Center limited partnership, Qingdao Jingyuan Venture Investment Co. with the investment company, a total investment of 40 million yuan for the matador, the investment valuation of 156 million 666 thousand and 700 yuan.


as a large IT writing community, launched in 2000 DoNews new media China may be the oldest, Robin Li, Ma Huateng once in a DoNews column run their own third of an acre.

actually, the relationship between the pain point and the itch point is similar to that of material life and spiritual life. Material life can be satisfied as long as we know what we want under certain economic conditions. However, spiritual life is a complex which needs careful understanding and understanding. The pain point and the itch point are the same. The pain point is like the bottom of Pyramid. It’s a necessity. It’s protein and water. The itch point is the top. It’s the food. The pain point can only maintain an Internet product survival, but may not be able to survive in the market, full of sound and colour >.

2014 this year, Donews PR, advertising, offline!

was born 80 years Wang Le and Jiang Nan in 2010 IT took over the writing community Donews, respectively, and served as editor in chief of COO, who would have thought that Donews founder Liu Ren legacy became the starting point of the road they are billionaires.

pain point seems to be Internet Co nowadays often hung in the mouth son word, explore the pain point is rational and full of the wisdom of the people in a timely manner to find the user just need to, but really can let users just need to seize the heart? NO, the Internet the interest of more and more high, this requires focus of nervous system the perceptual and the most popular things, people interested in the chemical, user "itch", in other words, require the user to use the Internet addiction products he.

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