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second step: 1-3 months


before the start, but also need a preparatory work, that is, the remaining 30 thousand dollars, do not put the balance treasure. Take at least half of the fancy outfits you buy for inflatable dolls. From pajamas to lingerie to sportswear to dresses to bikinis, you should cover the mainstream scene

read an article on the blog article venture, if the time back appearances for micro-blog before the blog really can start, but over time, WeChat, micro-blog, since the media in the tide, the power of entrepreneurship blog has been greatly weakened, however, we do not deny that completely lost the significance of marketing blog in fact, in some people behind the resplendent with variegated coloration, silently use blog to promote their site, but more people love fresh hot moment, ignore the power of the blog

2013 most people show off and sensitive Internet vocabulary as belonging to the "no doubt from the media, because the show is either micro-blog or WeChat, as long as the forces can be spread by virtue of their own as the media, are sensitive because Xue Manzi, good use of some from the media producers a lawsuit from the media. The temptation is too great, what time from the Internet since the media has become a important camp? Just like group purchase websites, the earliest group purchase website is exotic, but from the media since the Facebook listing has gradually become the core content of the Internet social networking site that

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are you worried that you can’t convince them? Then let them read this article patiently.


a statement: pirates who leak girlfriend forever!!

first step: 100 thousand start funding

the more appropriate approach is to raise the public. If only 20 people in the class need only one person to raise 5000 bucks for you. Maybe someone else is going to follow you and start a business in addition to throwing money.

days ago, the Ministry of Education issued a document that allows and encourages students to drop out of business, and in the past two years, many college students already ignited the entrepreneurial flame, and lingering. Well, today I’m going to talk about how to build a blue ocean with inflatable dolls on campus entrepreneurship, of course, at risk.


want to know, reluctant to bear the child can not afford the wolf, this is the pursuit of the ultimate sense of experience of the times. Seventy thousand yuan an inflatable doll, it is estimated that you will soon become the topic of the boys dormitory. At this point you need to register a WeChat public account, for example, you can call the "woman" and so on to bring people unlimited reverie name, well, do not recommend "Jiao Zi", the style is a bit low.

see here, many students have to estimate the dog exclaimed "Oh God, the cost is so high!"

is a small website, what is the most important? Many sites are in the pursuit of flow, IP became the owners are most concerned about the topic, but the search engine can bring a lot of traffic, so a lot of time in the search engine optimization, and to prevent sh419 "three" policy, is disturbed unceasingly! In the media age, the user to solve the problem, in addition to the keyword input problem in search engines, but also can directly use the interactive way, as long as there is enough time and patience, there are enthusiastic users to give the answer, it can search than a small problem. Even a few years ago to freeze fresh more! What is the user experience, is able to solve the problem in a short time and get the best reply to

since you want to start a business, and not mahjong, so please first empty gloves, white wolf plan. In front of your young blood, there are two ways, one is to find venture capital, and the two is to raise all the chips. If looking for venture capital, we should look at how you to tell you the parents. For example, you can say "Dad! I want to start your investment! I’m 100 thousand now, I promise to take you to the NASDAQ bell next year." If he didn’t take your skull when the clock strikes so that you do not engage in pyramid schemes, then you really was born in a family of scholar.


first, buy an inflatable doll first. In fact, this statement is inaccurate, it should be said that the entity doll. A lot of people the impression of the understanding of the inflatable doll narrowly refers to those one hundred or two hundred dollars for something X treasure, it really need a pump to inflate, just add a sound the trumpet, say their "real temptation pronunciation". People shy girlfriend is angry, your girlfriend is gentle leak. We need to buy high-end solid dolls, such as Japan’s OT, 4WOODS, SLK and other brand products, each doll is basically more than sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan.

webmaster very hard, but have to face such problems, Internet predators domineering embezzlement, search engines and other "imposed intervention", have to deal with the problem, then, in the premise of the website traffic became the lifeline, site traffic fixed in a certain time, the website how to do this, the importance of the conversion rate appeared this time, word-of-mouth marketing, from the flow of its high conversion rate, so that social marketing has become the focus of marketing webmaster

a group purchase website abroad, Internet can cause deadly "thousand group war", a social networking website listed, leading in 2013 has become the core of the development of the Internet media since the passage of time, now leave the group purchase site is no longer originally simple "group purchase" mode, which is added to create more factors and for a very simple example, open the domestic two large group purchase website, picture style, definitely not the same, stereotyped imitation will die, only the integration of innovation factors in order to obtain the survival possibility! Look at the development of social networking sites, from the beginning of renren, Internet >

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