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required procedures are as follows:

1, from the postman to check, check and take your ID card to the local Chinese bank cheque collection.

2, now in some places of ICBC, CCB and other banks also opened the international settlement business for the business.

3, in general Chinese bank, foreign currency or foreign currency Department counter for collection procedures, don’t forget to fill in your telephone number.

4, you need to pay a certain fee and a cheque to the bank China mailing fee. The fees charged vary according to local conditions, but are usually around 40 yuan per check.

5, will pick up the receipt, about 1 months or so the bank will inform you the success of the collection.

6, take your receipt and ID card to the foreign exchange counter, then you can see your dollars! You can also ask the bank to exchange RMB directly, which is around 1:8.

related questions:

2, after receiving the cheque, the bank should be to China at or above the county level branch, request the cheque collection.

3, 1 months later, to the bank for collection of success.

4, check is a valid, usually 2-3 months, the check has a label, such as "Void after 60 days" refers to the date in date within 90 days of the effective collection. The maturity date of the check is subject to the date of receipt by the local bank. In a word, you should collect the check as soon as possible.

5, after receiving the cheque if my account has been deleted, but also the collection and receive the money? Yes, in most cases, you can still receive the money. This rarely happens unless the company asks for a refund.

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TOM, the price adjustment is to improve the percentage of active users, in the adjustment of market strategy at the same time, we introduced the incentive policy of

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1 NATURAL week, weekly cumulative data to achieve registration number > =750 / > ratio and active registration; =25%, the user will be registered in accordance with the 0.2 yuan / +0.3 yuan to pay into the active +8%CPS;


2 NATURAL week, weekly cumulative data to register > =1500 / > ratio and active registration; =25%, the user will be in accordance with the 0.3 yuan +0.4 yuan / registered active +8%CPS into paying members; hope to improve the rate of active users.

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