Entrepreneurs must read 20 reasons for failure the 6 trick to create Unicorn team success secret is

from the chart, we can see that more than 70% of start-ups eventually failed, but for two reasons. First, the products are not able to meet the needs of the market and consumers; second, poor management, resulting in a shortage of funds. However, these two reasons are fairly common. Even more surprising is that about 25% of start-ups fail because of the lack of good, strong teams.

fully demonstrates this point.

Facebook, head of Mark, · Zuckerberg once said, "

in order to solve this problem, I will start from my own experience of creating and developing Appster and share some practical methods and techniques.

July 4th held an emergency conference call, released the new policy, the introduction of the new policy will have a huge impact on the company’s business, the company please read carefully, timely adjustment of marketing plan. Move the file contents are as follows: first of all, customized business Monternet including SMS, MMS, WAP before formal charges for the two time to remind the customer to do the confirmation time identified two, customers can use free services, specific procedures are as follows: 1, customized after immediately ordering relationship SMS confirmation remind, inform the service charges, fees and unsubscribe, for a monthly time at 0:00 on the twenty day to twenty-four, the customer first order business month free information fee. Order time at 0:00 on the end of the month to twenty-one per month for the first time the customer order and free business month monthly fee information. 2, from twenty-one to twenty-five months of all new users of the whole amount of order relations to remind, confirm, inform the customer, such as unsubscribe this month, next month without charge. The deadline for full volume order extraction is twenty days and twenty-four hours. 3. Start the monthly statement at 0:00 on the 1st of each month. 4, all of the above remind confirm SMS are using 10086 service code

two, implementation plan:

1, July 10th start business experience more at ease using the new business process, for the month of the new user ordering reminder.

2, at the same time, to remind users to carry out the full amount of the old order, plan in 8 and September.

3 provinces in order the relationship between abnormal mobile comprehensive verification and cleaning, such as no WAP order relationship, GPRS traffic only records without order order order relations Never mind recorded use of records, order relations in MISC.

4, the total ordering reminder before the mobile user will arrange a silent cleanup work:


but the question is, how can you build an experienced, healthy, comprehensive, mutually supportive, and mutually reinforcing start-up team?

Facebook, head of Mark · Zuckerberg once said: "for a want to break their own piece of heaven and earth entrepreneurs, the formation of a good team is a very important thing, this is my personal has been committed to doing things."

"it’s important for an entrepreneur who wants to break out of his own world and build a good team, and that’s what I’ve always been."

good teams can drive start-ups to success, and investors and other key stakeholders are well aware of it. Not only that, but that’s why they have made a comprehensive assessment of a product’s creativity and the team behind it to decide whether to pay for it or not.

CB Insights conducted a detailed analysis of more than 100 failed start-ups, hoping to find out the reasons for their failure. The conclusions are as follows:

, that is to say, these data prove that a low efficiency team is likely and often drives a start-up into the abyss.

The CB Insights survey below

, a highly effective start-up team, is passionate about the future development of the enterprise, and once it is decided, it will be fully committed and will do its utmost to ensure the accuracy of the work.


wants to successfully start a startup and ensure its sustainability, and a strong, mutually supportive and efficient entrepreneurial team must be built. All members of the team must work with each other to make all kinds of ideas come true through practical actions, and to point out the shortcomings of their partners when necessary, to help them adjust and improve them.

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