How the China nternet Corporation to enter the overseas pioneer six bloody lessonss the nternet a


4, even the culture gap is not terrible, look at the streets waving GREE United Japanese social gaming platform advertising proves that even with western culture also different in Japan, the enterprises can gain greater success in the United states.

advice to Chinese enterprises

, but not everyone can become Ma, blindly follow the trend of choice, entrepreneurship is likely to lead to failure because of inadequate preparation. Opportunities are for those who are prepared, and those who do not prepare for it will not get it even if the opportunity comes. So what do you need to do for the Internet industry,

Chinese enterprises overseas disadvantage

1, first select the birthplace, to avoid Hard mode: after years of rigorous certification of Chinese enterprises, found that if only based on China, then the next step can only play Southeast Asian abacus. If you get a Silicon Valley apron, choose to start in the United States to do "have Silicon Valley brand of Chinese enterprises", you can radiation products throughout the world.

entrepreneurship refers to the process in which an entrepreneur optimizes or integrates the resources he has, or the resources he or she can have, to create greater economic or social value. For 60 and 70, later said that their entrepreneurial story is the process of reform and opening up, that time is also the first time in China’s new entrepreneurial boom. In the context of reform and opening up, many people who are civil servants and iron rice bowls have given up stable work, went into business and finally succeeded. At that time China can be described as gold everywhere. As a result of the times, the types of enterprises that chose to start businesses were all industrial. Mostly in the manufacturing, catering and entertainment industry, with the progress and development of the times, to 80 and 90 after entrepreneurship, in fact, entrepreneurial environment is not so superior. With the development of economy, all walks of life have a relatively stable pattern, as an entrepreneur, want to break this fixed pattern, you need to have a subversive entrepreneurial spirit. Many failed to do so, which led to failure, but a small number of entrepreneurs broke out of the difficulties and succeeded.

has to admit that cultural weakness has made Chinese products a natural defect in the eyes of the west.

is the tiger sniffing network Elex CEO Tang Binsen, Dolphin Browser CEO Yang Yongzhi, CEO Liu Yong, a cool hot property in Silicon Valley writer Thomas, blue Xun vice president Huo Tao spoke the following order:

3, although the live, but all too bleak, there is no eternal friends but can have eternal interests, fully through equity swap, to obtain the local capital support, further radiation of local resources, contribute to the weakening of cultural barriers.

as the saying goes, "women are afraid of marrying wrong men, and men are afraid to go wrong."." Now many entrepreneurs will choose the Internet industry, this is because the Internet is an absolute sunrise industry. And developed a Internet Co from the beginning to grow to become the industry leader in the time is 10 years, so faster than the other has developed a very mature industry fast 3~4 times. For example: Bill · Gates 1975 founded Microsoft, and only 20 years after he became the richest man in the world; sh419 was founded in 2000, only with more than 10 years sh419 has almost monopolized the Chinese search market; Taobao was founded in 2003, just 10 years time it has created the day the transaction amount up to 19 billion 100 million of the electronic commerce website. Therefore, the Internet industry can quickly accumulate wealth, reflecting the value of the enterprise, and that is why entrepreneurs choose the Internet industry is an important reason. These successful examples have showed that the potential of the Internet industry and development, and even such a Ma before the Internet and unrelated people can get such a big success, more to those on the Internet do not know many people engaged in Internet business power.

5, how to get the local team? From the cost of money, the United States to achieve excellent BD cost is high, the annual salary usually needs to open 2>

2, since the choice of overseas hard work, survived, completely become the first enterprise. In the United States today is "alive and well" Yang Yongzhi summed up the three elements of life: one is the base of users and business model, and the most important is the brand, as China enterprises in overseas long-term survival, three is indispensable.

visits overseas, requiring guests to follow, but sometimes values become a major ravine. As was a smash hit " ": "steal food; although the property stolen" in China value is very high, but when the product is to transplant the, you have to use grab to replace the words so lame.

the owner of the door is open, but whether it is "good tea" but also by reputation, of course and 360 have been China famous enterprises, but is not the dew and more like "Gan Lulu", one is relying on the doctrine of another by virtue of reach the peak of perfection, malignant wllp implantation.

said the United States Wumart, blue, good money, but want to enter the American Caucasian Mongolian territory, but does not seem so easy, yesterday launched a senior media person Cheng Ling Feng "product family" is Chinese salon, the Internet companies to enter the overseas market launched a discussion.

first, you need to have a website of your own. The Internet is the web, and the web is made up of web sites. Therefore, whether you are doing electricity providers, information or information enterprises, than there is a prerequisite is: own web site. This is based on the Internet industry


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