FuPan investment community chiefs 2016 forecast 2017 on the capital market can not know the inside

it is learnt that, in the equity investment market in 2016, investment events close to 8000, the total investment of nearly 700 billion, far exceeding 2015.

, first of all, to firmly believe that "no pursuit of benefits is a rogue collaboration," so no one naive, you’d better not naive. Secondly, No.

March 16, 2015, Alibaba announced by the Daily sounds, shrimp music together set up Ali music company, which shrimp music, go professional musicians line, every day sounds, the main public users.

in the direction of technological innovation, the industry bigwigs mentioned are: AR, VR, artificial intelligence further to the brain control, Internet of things and then refined to the terms of the sensor, Li Zhu is set to flag, "we don’t like to throw a Tencent order unicorn in artificial intelligence white, on the Tsinghua university."

2016 was a memorable year in just 12 months, leaving PE VC change constantly like cloud and wave, fission, unicorn unrealistically high valuations difficult, A shares frequently staged "placards drama", three new board into the tens of thousands of times, the relationship between venture capital in the "winter" was tense and delicate……


as a Android platform has a huge amount of music player, users are in its "stop clothing" expressed sad: "

started from the end of 2015, for a whole year, we all said that 2016 is the winter capital, institutions have no money, the enterprise can not live, but the truth? More than Ni Zhengdong, Xu Chuansheng, Deng Feng et al do not recognize "winter capital theory", the data also confirmed this is defective.


" has been crying out in the bathroom for seven years. From the student to work into the dog, love is not what good habits. All the joy, the sorrow, the silence, the music that you share with me, and thank you."

capital winter is a false proposition

of course, for venture capital enterprises and institutions, this year is indeed difficult, money mainly in the late, and early investment has indeed declined. No wonder you Zewang will shout "hard", because "in 2016, the venture capital market slowly from the ocean into the Red Sea, the competition is fierce. Previously we raised 300 million -5 billion of funds, I feel very great, and now there is no 3 billion -50 million, I am sorry to go out, say, at least 10 billion or more, and even 100 billion. The surge in the amount of money raised the value of the project, which was unexpected."

"when you first used Android, the first music software was you, miss."."

every day sounds good, app can still continue to use in the future, but only as a stand-alone player, can not access networking services.

October 2012, every day sounds accepted Alibaba investment, by the end of 2013 officially incorporated into Alibaba’s banner.


in the "great entertainment" section of the core of the music business, has been experiencing unrest. Today, Ali music also announced an architectural adjustment.

titanium media has been called "Saipan essential" every day, and finally ushered in farewell. Recently, everyday sounds, small shrimp Music App start page appeared on the "October 1st TTPOD service will be stopped, Thanksgiving together through the years of the announcement.

"it’s been half a year since it was renamed Ali.". This time to hear every day to stop the sound, there is a sense of sadness."

Abstract: every day sounds good, app can continue to use it in the future, but it can only be used as a stand-alone player, and can not access the Internet service.

entrepreneurs and investors should maintain what kind of relationship is the best, this is troubled by the venture capital circle too many people. In fact, this answer does not have a unified standard, because the venture capital relationship will be affected by a variety of uncontrollable factors and change, and even in different financing stages, far from alienation is also different.

-8 December 6th, sponsored by the Qing Branch Group "sixteenth session Chinese equity annual forum" has invited many capital heavyweights, crossover star, well-known investors, elite entrepreneurs, to 2016 in the capital market the situation, summed up the industry pain points, combing the venture capital relationship, also predicted the 2017 air hint the future of the capital oriented, full of dry cargo in the following.

finally, every day, in its ninth years, to the vast numbers of users say goodbye.

April 15, 2016 every day sounds, officially renamed the planet ali. Positioning as a universal entertainment fans interactive platform Ali planet, you can say that completely subvert the music every day sounds mobile music player product positioning, this change was also interpreted as the day is the demise of everyday music brands.

what is the proper way to open up the relationship between an entrepreneur and an investor?

Ali, former chairman Gao Xiaosong has served as chairman of the music entertainment Ali strategy committee, former CEO Song Ke Ali became music chairman, one group Youku potatoes President Yang Weidong concurrently Ali Ali al CEO music entertainment, the Secretary General Yu Yan to help Yang Weidong work. this article is edited by Xie Kangyu, a media editor

was founded in 2007, since then, the rapid growth of users every day sounds in just a few years time, 2009 TTPOD users exceeded 10 million users exceeded 50 million; 2011; 2012 exceeded 1 hundred million users exceeded 2 hundred million users in June 2013.


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