No traffic can still make moneyGrassroots evolution 1 how much do you know about the user’s dark men

my site 520 theater, is a thorough garbage station, Marx program is a free program, even the template has not changed; all official website data collection resource repository, has not done any revision; the website included rarely, only shlf1314 and search dogs have included hundreds, keywords ranking is not good, only a few tens of iP traffic coming every day.

for our grassroots, in the operation of the site or other products in the process, accurate grasp of user psychology is particularly important, especially those users dark psychology, in other words as long as we meet the psychological needs of users, so we can make our products to attract and retain more customers, so that we dig more convenient from the user to the considerable profit.

mention white-collar workers, we will have to think of those who rely on white-collar and popular throughout the country happy nets. Happy net can be rapidly popular in white-collar groups, cool grassroots analysis think there are the following reasons: first, happy net as a relatively new product, it is the Internet a relatively unique product, this is just white-collar users and thousands of users love psychology, we know that people all of the new things curiosity, so everyone wants to see what was going on, it gives the first chance of happy net rise. Second, happy network launched "stealing food, parking spaces" and other exciting and intriguing applications, which allows office white-collar workers will be a lot of boring time to dismiss.

, everyone registered to see, you know why my station is only the navigation station to 2000IP, but every day you can earn 30 yuan of reason. This advertising is mainly Chengren advertising activities, and my site traffic is from the Chengren site navigation station to traffic, they click to enter my site for a long time did not see Chengren movie mainly the crackdown, did not dare to put this kind of movies, finally see that some Chengren advertising, thought it was a secret passage of this station by the way, what little to see if there is no new discovery, thus indirectly click on my advertisement.

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my ad click rate is very high, 2000IP has 400Ip, click my advertisement. You may ask, such a high hit rate will be the alliance that cheating, I want to say is this alliance that cheat standard hits / display number, this value is higher than 5% even if cheating, because I am on my website all filled with the alliance advertising, so 2000IP down, PV reached more than 10 thousand, the click rate is down only about 2%, the alliance also often because I >

first, first fill up the content of the web site, collection is also OK, if it is a movie station, at least every column must have movies, of course, the more the better, so that you can improve the website PV.

and the subsequent two or three years, due to the presence of sina micro-blog and WeChat and so on new products, led to the happy net slowly began to decline, and the decline of happy net is that white-collar love and not forget the past and the unique psychological. Cool grass again and you a specific analysis, life and Internet white-collar family, and there is no intersection too much, they use the Internet just to pass the boring time, or find some new things to satisfy your curiosity, it determines the white-collar love and not to forget the past psychological characteristics.

three, now the site do not flow? My method is to buy traffic, I made a sensitive advertisement on a Chengren site navigation site navigation station, the traffic is large, there are tens of thousands of iP every day, but the monthly advertising only spent 25 yuan, every station to my site iP through this navigation is about 2000.

, but wouldn’t such a website make money? Of course not. The garbage can make a lot of money as long as we use our brains. Now I would like to share with you my unique cheats.

two, select the advertising alliance. Garbage stations have better choice of those low threshold advertising leagues. You have to pay low starting points, or you can’t pay for them. If you meet a cheater alliance, it is more harm than good. Here to recommend one of my own website advertising, pay 50 yuan, 9 cents each ad Click, the alliance has a very good reputation, every Wednesday to pay the payment to support alipay. League registration address:; 87& lishui520

order: for we grassroots entrepreneurs, because of their own conditions, we can not as extravagantly as big business, to have the talent to talent, technology, the vast majority of grassroots entrepreneurs are in the state alone, especially personal webmaster, even there are still many grassroots entrepreneurs still in existence the edge of the grand vision, compared to our initial access to the Internet is, what makes the gap between reality and the ideal so big? The next cool grassroots network to bring "grassroots evolution" series, according to writer own experience and insights from the grassroots entrepreneurs perspective as we analyze the Internet business of users the specific content of the product, and operation, hoping to bring some inspiration to the brothers, to find their own positioning and practical Grassroots business plan, to understand what they are doing, how to do?.

: love not to forget the past, white-collar

we all know that different user groups have different living environment and the circle, and the user’s psychological largely by their environment and the circle of influence, we through different groups of their psychological characteristics.

psychology from a group: the facts we have to admit

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