So written Adwords advertising language conversion rate is highn 2013 charging is the most importa

1 introduction of artificial intelligence CS271;

, let’s analyze his ad and maybe learn something:


3 subscribe to Venture Lab, online free access to a series of entrepreneurship courses from Stanford University.

1 last welcome course: how to finance your company;

makes learning and development your primary task in the 2013.

1 how to develop iPhone and iPad applications within an hour;

3 start-up companies: how to attract, hire and maintain talent;

2 learning Ruby on Rails a framework that allows users to develop, deploy, and maintain a simpler framework for Web Applications

2 how to create a company EP245;

2., Udemy, open education platform, the main contents include:

if you run a startup, there’s no doubt that you’ll compete with the smartest people in the world, from big companies to start-up companies. Success depends on your knowledge. Learning is a new skill to increase your success.


1. Title: Your, BLog ‘, s, A, Money, Maker

if you have a blog, then he’ll tell you how to make money, and it’s 100% free. He was directly targeted at people who wanted to make money. 10 wanted to see 9 people going in and see how they could make money. It uses hot words: Make, Money, and free. I think putting FREE at the end of the sentence is more attractive.

4 how to create an enterprise.





2. content: Do, you, have, a, blog, I, ll, show, you, how, to,, make, money, from, it,, free.

1. Udacity offers a range of free online courses from prominent university professors, including:

the new year is approaching, and the time for wishing comes again. As usual: we need to eat healthily, work hard, get promoted, or spend more time with our families. Needless to say, these are all necessary. But here I am going to challenge those entrepreneurs to make learning and development a major task for you in 2013.

John Chow is the world’s most famous blog using one of the blog to make money, master himself is legendary, with a large number of readers in the world in the field of wangzhuan. As a veteran, in order to obtain greater benefits, not forget for a moment with shlf1314 AdWords to expand the flow for yourself. And I found that his ads are generally in the PR higher webmaster resource type website, the match degree is extremely high, after layer upon layer screening the key statement, is also lets the advertisement expense not have the white flower.


4. Udemy, technical course:

2 cryptography II


3 detailed instruction on learning to develop iPhone and iPad applications around

today, on the Blogcrows PR=6 site, found John Chow ads, as shown in the following picture:

2 social media marketing for start-up companies;

1 programming language

3. Coursera offers free online courses from renowned university professors:

do you want to study too? We have collected some of the following resources for you:

I never hesitate to add clicks to other sites because I want to see what I need, although sometimes I find the site I already know. Well, this time you have to learn its advertising, word formation, sentence making skills, knowledge is slowly accumulated.

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