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a, why do women grow pubic hair?

in female puberty, the body will undergo a series of subtle changes. The growth of pubic hair is due to the continuous development of the ovary, the secretion of sex hormones to stimulate pubic hair receptor and began to grow pubic hair.

two, why some female pubic hair scarce even not?

also noted that the growth of female pubic hair is caused by sex hormone stimulation, therefore, the sensitivity of pubic hair density depends on the generated in vivo adrenal androgen level and pubic hair follicles to androgen. As long as the body organs do not occur lesions are normal phenomenon do not worry too much.

three, the distribution of female pubic hair is what?

general in puberty, curly hair will appear on monsveneris women. With the continuous growth of pubic hair, the area will gradually spread to the genitals, the overall downward downward triangle, or even cover the entire labia minora.

four, why most women’s pubic hair is curly like?

from the point of view of physiology, pubic hair curling can better offset the impact of pumping the penis into the vagina, not easy to produce discomfort. In addition, it can well resist the invasion of foreign bacteria, is regarded as a system to defend the privates.

five, pubic hair in the end want to eliminate?

many women think privates pubic hair very unpleasant, giving a very beautiful feeling. Also to death or cause some embarrassment, such as swimming, pubic hair too much will let women. Then, the pubic hair removal? Xiaobian think, if hair is too strong, can be a part of the amount removed, so you can make the genitals dry, avoid infection. If it is not particularly obvious, do not consider removing. Because the less there are more susceptible to external pudendal pubic hair friction, resulting in wounded privates.

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