Chen Liaohan of PHPWind Operation Director do the partner of stationmaster poineering work

May 30th, PHPWind elite station, national tour salon, HeFei Railway Station in Hefei Gujing Holiday Inn as scheduled. Nearly 400 web site owners and Internet elites from all over the country gathered together to discuss and discuss the topics of community entrepreneurship, development, promotion and profitability.


PHPWind operations director Chen Liaohan delivered a keynote speech at the conference, he pointed out that PHPWIND provides a single core, multi-mode community application solutions to meet the needs of the webmaster. The full text is as follows:

I’m here today, and I’d like to study with some of our webmaster here and listen to some suggestions about our products. I’ll take everyone’s suggestions back and share them with our colleagues.

has long argued that our phpwind is low-key and rarely publicity. Today, I’m going to make a big publicity campaign to advertise our phpwind.

in everyone’s understanding, maybe we phpwind is to do BBS, professional point, say is community software. I thought the answer was all right, but only half right. We phpwind is not only community software, we hope to help the webmaster easy site, help the webmaster rapid growth, help Adsense profit, these are very interesting things.

we want to be a startup partner for webmasters because of the changing demands of the webmaster because of the changes in the internet.

everyone must be interested in PW’s future solutions, and I’ll give you a brief introduction. Knowing our PHPWind7.0 users, we may find that the new version has very obvious features, and the simple generalization is the single core multi mode. How do we understand the single core multi mode


if we compare a product to a Pyramid, we can be divided into 3 layers, the first layer is a single core, including members, permissions, core database and so on. This core, there are patterns, we can see the BBS model of PHPWind products, portal mode, circle mode, etc.. If you build a portal, you can use more than 7 of the portal mode; if you want to build SNS elements of the site, you can use the "circle" mode, without any code level modifications.

if you have very good technology, and want to develop various patterns to suit your website, you can achieve your desired goal through our mode.

is on the third floor in Pyramid. It’s our application. It includes a series of applications, such as post interaction, sensitive word filtering, advertising registration and so on.

introduced the post interaction function, if you are a small site, may be more concerned about the website have rich content, how to build better content to attract members, so you can download the content of the post post interaction >

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