How does e commerce website enrich website content

many personal webmaster in doing e-commerce website, do a free mall program, and then add goods, began to open, but don’t know what is the most important thing?. Any website wants to profit, all must rely on flow, without flow, what all is empty talk. How can I attract more traffic, must rely on content, then perhaps a lot of people want to ask, I’m not selling things? In addition to commodity information, there is no other content, where come so much content,


in fact, think about it is very simple, in addition to commodity information, it is best to add some value-added information products. What is value-added information? That’s all the information about your product. That’s a lot of information. Here I make a simple analogy, if interested in flying business network (, one of the products of ticket booking, so in addition to publishing the ticket price, the owners also add to the relevant information, such as: air ticket information, airlines, aviation history, civil aviation science and technology, common sense…… And so on, these can enrich the information of the website, let the visitor can more conveniently browse the information that want, need not go elsewhere to search again, this is what I call "add value information"".

try to adhere to the original, many products value-added information, although you can find on the Internet, but if there are conditions, I hope to adhere to the original. The search engine will be more friendly and more opportunities to add links.

I wish the e-commerce station all the way well,


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