User habits do not rely too much on user testing results

good technology doesn’t always bring results,

as a designer, he has all the advanced resources, they have front-end resources, almost as long as they want, basically the front can help you achieve it; he has advanced techniques, the industry what’s new interactive way, he can quickly understand and learn. But don’t forget, the user still there! Users do not care about your interaction how clever, how beautiful the page, he only cares about what he can sell, can not sell a little more. They are used to the old practice. Of course, you might say users can boot. Yes, you’re not wrong, but need time, step by step, just like your parents love to listen to the XXX song but is not love Jay Chou’s songs, although every day you put to them, hope that they can love, "give me a little time to adapt to the" parents said.

understanding of products and the use of products are two distinct two concepts,

, as a designer, does not mean that you do not need to understand the logic of the product when you design the product. On the contrary, you must be proficient in the business logic of the product. This is the basis. But even so, it’s far from enough. You don’t know the user without the product. You don’t know the user, and you don’t know how the user works. While the user is divided into many levels, they use all sorts of strange things, some of you didn’t want to think of, including the creation of the pages of people.

One of the important reasons that

also officially my revision failed, I put the page elements changed, you say that they are not going to maniang? Is the solution I can give now, you keep going to the user to directly face the user, the best themselves, like you can try to sell some things, when you start because the design is not so good to fuck, I think you may have the answer. Try to follow their user habits, minimize the changes, and sneak new features into the page. The quieter the better. You can decide whether to give birth to the child, but it’s hard for you to change his character.

does not rely too heavily on the results of user testing

I always believe that the means of user testing in China are not very mature and the results are not very satisfactory. This is also my revision failed a little lesson, because it gave me blind self-confidence. Back to consider this problem, a user anxious and fearful to a closed space, out of his actual operation environment. A few pairs of slightly anticipated eyes stare at him, he seems to be a little restless, under the guidance of the host, rush to complete the task, take money away. The result is similar to what you think, and why? Because he operates on your established course. And is that what he usually does? He knows it only himself. Does he really know that? Maybe he knows, maybe not

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