Pseudo original how pseudo have effect

is well known that search engines pay more attention to original content. But there is a problem, even if you have more inspiration, good writing, ideas and broad, a station to all original, this is impossible. All the original impossible, therefore, many SEOers put forward the so-called pseudo original techniques. Simply put, the pseudo original is to modify the original article accordingly, so as to achieve the purpose of search engine that he is original. For example: an article has four paragraphs, when there is a difference of three paragraphs, will be regarded as the original ", while the two paragraph content exist more than 80% of the difference, will be considered different paragraphs.

pseudo original, how can the pseudo effect,


a piece together method.

selects which aspect or which view to look for, goes to Baidu once, according to different angle, looks for 35 representative articles. After reading these articles, I want to have a clear point of view, so that the composition of the article is readable, to achieve the so-called "original"".

: for example, the news of A-Sun’s death in these days has spread across major websites, and you want to write an article about breast cancer led by A-Sun. First, you search A-Sun’s information. Next, find the information about breast cancer. Finally, of course, don’t forget to take a look at this from a netizen’s point of view. After all this, I’m sure you already know what you’re going to do.

if you think so, your article will be standing in the front of it, it is completely mistaken, this article collected by Baidu, will let visitors think of deja vu, then you need to incorporate some of their own views and opinions in the article.

two, substitution method.

, in fact, is to disrupt the order of the passage before and after the first paragraph. This method is simple and easy to learn.

the most important thing about this method is the creation of the first paragraph. Write like an introduction, and look at it as a summary of the full text. This is entirely to write their own, but also the clever integration of keywords into.

search engine optimization, details determine success or failure. And not only to do, but also to think, draw inferences from others, in order to have rapid progress and progress. Through these "pseudo original" content, allowing users to think that this is your own article, you will succeed. At this time, Baidu included is not a problem.

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