Amoy Music Baidu’s solution to the problem requires time

most webmaster friends must know, we usually submit your website to Baidu, Google, search, etc., and then waiting for the website to be included, the website is not included a day, the webmaster must be very anxious.

recently helped our company website optimization also met Baidu not included, now waiting for Baidu update, Baidu update means that the website can quickly be released out, generally require a month. In this month’s time, usually need to do website optimization work.

in the A5 BBS made a lot of the chain to increase the weight of the site, by doing links to pull Baidu spider grab. Before I met a few of Baidu is not included in the website, probably spent nearly a month, when Baidu update, when the website is delivered from oppression.


website is very popular, but is not to be included in Baidu, so there is a part of the site to do Baidu promotion or do Baidu PPC, Baidu PPC promotion and personal advice is not desirable, because want to obtain long-term natural ranking, the need for long period updates to the website, Baidu included until the problem is solved, perhaps the website will face some new problems, such as a web site to promote and enhance the visibility of products, build brand website etc..

generally speaking, Baidu included more difficult, Google and other search engine tools easily included website, and then ranking is more stable. Baidu included problem solving, need for Baidu to optimize, adhere to the original article, adhere to the content is king, I believe will soon be Baidu included again.

do what the station needs most is persistence and patience, regular update site, let the website content is rich, just enough to be search engine like, to meet customer experience effect, make brand website.

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