About cyber cheats

Many people say that

network cheats many good, really good cheat cheat, then we do the network to make money people in the face of the temptation of huge profits, how can we distinguish between what is cheat, engage in training projects meet the eye everywhere network, each of us has been the temptation of money mentality. This thing is really good, we all know, actually a lot of training is to deceive you say no, see understanding and understanding of our own, first we have to learn the rules of the network to make money, do not blindly participate in the training of basic knowledge, you don’t understand, how can you after the training of the operation of union product, simply say we do flow, we all understand by network traffic to make money, the flow of population is your wealth, you must first study on you What is the flow of population groups, there will be a lot of points, what is your Birds of a feather flock together., Like attracts like., the theme of the station, then your traffic is what kind of traffic, you are to choose effective alliance products, such as selling a gold shop, you to put some bricks to sell, how you the group can accept? So we as a webmaster especially new webmaster want to learn to draw ideas, do Wangzhuan need thinking and understanding, without deep study hard will be a lot of links and details effectively together, then we realize the profit maximization becomes elusive, drainage distribution absorption the words everyone to understand. DD is a NB of the people, many people called a liar, I have seen some of his things, in fact, a lot of people in the network with some of his training, (but not necessarily correct me under his original) how can you say it cheat, can only say that a lot of people can not completely digest network to make money with a lot of auxiliary things, these things you can find a lot of things, so it is easy to realize, I did not participate in the training, to read some NB tutorial, learn from the essence of the application of many things, saying, this man said 10 words, perhaps the 1 is that we can be useful, it depends on the depth of understanding and understanding of their own things to distinguish, regardless of cheating and not cheating are Wucongkaozheng, our own hard to do their own thing, others with a force, we do not have that A good fortune, then 3 points and 10 points to make up for and perfect, a pile of nonsense, ha ha, I wish you a good beginning!



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