2 months to escape from Baidu K was only included in the front page of the circle of encirclement


only home, I believe that many webmaster have such experience, indeed, in the Admin5, Adsense nets, the laggards ah, people often ask this question, I also asked in those places, but I never find a solution. Today I’m talking about Baidu only to the home page, how to resume collection of personal experience, I hope my practice has a clue to the webmaster.

first said my website www.txtbz.com in November 08 to February 4th 09 years of construction, Baidu included 2080 pages, to 09 years in February 18th by Baidu K only home page, I now think is the cause of the K or acquisition of reasons, mainly to increase the content of the web site to download ringtones, at that time did not pay attention, the main or no experience, after the collection of all directly in 2 days issued more than 1000 days bell information, here is to advise you to collect the amount of novice webmaster.

to 09 years in April 28th, Baidu began to re included, during the period of more than 2 months, the time should not be long. Here’s what I’ve been doing for more than 2 months,

1, every day adhere to manual updates, original and pseudo original update best.

2, insist on the chain to be good every day, Baidu and other sites link to K, basically no one will and your connection, I’m PR4 website and others PR1 website, no link, which is the only really depressed mood experience webmaster will really experience, no one to do you create your own links, links to some of the PR high industry station registration plus links to local information portal release link information, pay attention to publish the information in these places should pay attention to skills, otherwise it is easy to be deleted, the other Post Bar, QA system and functions commonly used do not say, it is best to be registered different station blog by adding their own links, it should be noted here and every day the chain can not be too much, every day a few months, persist for 1 months.

3, and replaced a space, which is also a skill on the Internet, specifically, I do not know.

4, he added a sub domain name wt.txtbz.com, was trying to use the domain name to download space, I put the sub domain and the main binding domain in the same space, but did not expect that the domain name is now Baidu included page 1220, now the problem now, it will certainly be the main domain name reincluding the domain name and the included page repeat, ranking the definite effect, this approach is not desirable, we must pay attention to, now I have been in this sub domain was added to Baidu included restrictions.

I give everyone here is my practice by some on Baidu K, Baidu was able to successfully escape after K only included the home page around 2 months, must have specific relationship with my 4 point above this, we hope to have this worry now is for a little help. Also welcome to communicate with me.

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