Weifang workshop network industry keywords the country seventh inseparable from the soft text

first look at the picture, in Baidu search, you can also


this is my Weifang plant industry in Baidu keyword "factory network" in Guan Jian’s word ranking, in addition to competitive ranking, ranked seventh in the country, this is December 14th snapshot, I in December 12th when the search is still thirty-fourth, but also a downward trend, but the 14 suddenly became seventh, first time I am puzzled, is Baidu


is such a high ranking on a local industry stand no practical significance, for my site traffic is an increase of no, but indicates that Baidu has given enough weight, row in front of the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu, a small Weifang behind in the industry no, and doing the usual optimization, can appear such a situation is really a bit unbelievable. I have only written a soft text for promotion, so I generally analyze the reasons.

Baidu takes high-quality web sites into its arms,

Baidu has experienced medical door incident, the search engine included row rules were changed, this is absolute, after the change of Baidu more humane, that is to say more and more inclined to user oriented, because Baidu to the "Beidou" program, have relaxed on the site, so no need to K who are put out, the public condemnation of Baidu PPC advertising in the front, people want the website is not up, at this point, the sites are put out, the site of high quality who who is in front, Baidu become selfless, although for some garbage station you come out, no great significance, garbage is garbage, not ranked "fools".


used to write soft, the chain has more than 110 pages in Baidu, the quality is OK, Links ranking with the number of weights is not proportional to the site, some Links made dozens of, but the PR value to do some similar, indicating that the above point, Baidu does not eat PR the value of this set, the low quality of the site would not do, especially just want to hang the website, not carefully for the station website link must do Baidu believe that the quality of the website, want to rely on Baidu to make its own a set of Baidu.

what’s the routine of Baidu? In order to be in front of an industry, a local website rather than a national website, how can my small Weifang workshop be ranked seventh?

Baidu likes a diligent website, that’s right,

soft is written before, in Baidu industry before the change, Guan Jian word has been ranked in the 34 or so, but usually are updated, is very hard, so Baidu to 34 is good, because the site is similar to several hundred, I tried if often update will be ranked in 27 place, if a time not updated will row to 34, or even lower, because some sites on the run down.


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