What should be done when a website is attacked A solution is a way of development

believe that we all know that the home of a relatively well-known website webmaster, and it has the same A5 portal, there are forums, is a lot of webmasters learn from each other’s place. Of course, the home of stationmaster is much more than A5, stationmaster inquires tool, also be the tool that a lot of stationmaster is using at present. All along, the webmaster home of this webmaster tools are very stable open. However, from June 24th to June 26th, the continuous emergence of the situation can not be opened. For one or two full days, it was not the tools of the master’s house that had problems, but were attacked.

from the webmaster’s home webmaster tools were attacked, let the author think of the importance of website maintenance. Because the Internet competition is more and more big, many website’s stationmaster because cannot surpass others, but wants to go out attacks others website the method. For some websites do better webmaster, the worry is to be attacked by others.


before Ali slightly server was attacked, resulting in a lot of space to accommodate them, so Ali slightly closed after a period of time, although the solution, but I believe that is certainly spent a lot of the original capital.

one, the situation of the website being attacked

1. site was attacked by the phenomenon of

generally speaking, when the website is attacked, we will find that the page garbled and can not be opened, the severity of the server will crash.

2. site is affected by attack

website ranking disappear, snapshot, visitor loss, let you completely return to the site before liberation.

two, the way to attack websites,

now there are 3 attacks on the Internet, ARP attacks, CC attacks, DDoS attacks and so on.

1. ARP attack description

if you attack ARP on other websites, you should first have the same computer room as other people’s Web sites, the same IP and the same VLAN server. Using intrusion mode attacks, as long as access to control, the camouflage of the controlled machine for the gateway to deceive the target server. This attack is usually embedded in the web code to intercept, so that the user name and password.

2. processing mode


informs the computer room that the controlled machine can be processed.

two and CC attack

The danger of

CC attacks is slightly larger than the above. A common CC attack is the phenomenon of Service Unavailable. The main control machine to attack a website to send access request to an attacker, forcing the IIS beyond the limits, let CPU bandwidth resource depletion, to finally cause the firewall crashes, operators generally the attacked IP.

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