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feedback function, we have been familiar, but often ignored in the design of the function, make the products in the line after no channel for users to collect product information feedback, caused by initial obstacles. Or the design of this function is too casual, so that users are very difficult to use when the user experience is very poor, so that users feedback problems caused by the decline in enthusiasm, but also reduces the user’s participation. A line of products, no user enthusiastic feedback problems, this is terrible, because it is to close a window to communicate with users, have to rely on behind closed doors to solve the problem, though a bit exaggerated, but also illustrates the importance of this small function.

The main function of

is feedback in the product provides an entrance to allow users to fill out the feedback information, since it is to let the user fill out, requires the entrance to the first conspicuous, can immediately found; second to the user by simple and easy to operate, open, input and submit; third is to be friendly, that the user experience is better, can have the answer, let the user see our intentions, give users a pleasant feeling, stimulate their enthusiasm to use the feedback. That is to say, the opinion feedback function should be obvious, convenient and quick, and then, with the friendly design and careful service, the feedback function will be brought into play.

it’s obvious,

said placing feedback function, because the core of this function is certainly not the only product, to occupy a small piece of the layout of the fate, sometimes not even the home page, but the page, or to suggest on the home page. Previously the most common is put in the header or footer, now there are still many sites use this way, especially the mobile APP, most of them are using this form. But now also very popular is a suspension, that is, follow the user’s browsing position of the page, with the scroll scroll up and down and move up and down. This place is for the convenience of the user to see or find, in fact we are seeking feedback to the user, so it is best to let the user see directly, without the need for users to find, so the user experience is good.


there is a better way is to guide feedback, that is, through the product itself to control the process, to guide users to take the initiative to find the entrance of feedback, and fill in. For example, when the product is thrown when you can ask whether the user needs to send a lot of software errors, which will have a similar function, when software is no response, the system will ask if you send an error report, two of the most common is the file information feedback feedback isolation reminder and kill virus software QQ after the collapse of another example; when the user is lower than that of the product evaluation when a certain level, directly fill in the feedback window, to guide the user to inform what not satisfied. The advantage of this approach is that the product voluntarily requires user feedback, and the option is >

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