The experience of a migrant worker building a website

Lisa is a freelance, before starting online business, is a three years, nine to five years experience, and has been the company’s mid-level executives of the office workers. But when she became more and more unable to endure the rigid corporate life, she became an online freelancer.

Lisa is a professional enterprise planner and has professional knowledge of ADSL. When she searched the search engine, she found no professional website for ADSL, and she happened to have the expertise of ADSL, and she decided that ADSL technology was a good fit for Internet development. Therefore, after some consideration. She launched the "first professional ADSL information station" banner, began her online venture process.

she played her original planning expertise and designed a business plan for herself. First of all, she set up her personal website, then wrote a book on ADSL’s applications on the Internet. She also wrote articles and speeches in newspapers and magazines to expand her influence. Establish contact with relevant manufacturers, sales and ADSL manufacturers, and act as agents for the sale of products. Through these activities, gradually establish their own professional image. September 2002, her personal website officially opened, the month by Internet sold the first ADSL card. Two months later, I had my own domain name. By 2003, she had become the focus of many media coverage.

Lisa’s website is booming because her services are top-notch except for her expertise in ADSL. She often changes the content of the website and provides the latest professional information. The client also made a database of common questions about ADSL devices for human queries. For more than about 90 percent customer inquiries, will reply on the same day. The quality of service has been recognized and the business is getting better and better.

now, she’s building websites for businesses and individuals, and the price is cheap, building a personal website of 200 yuan, and is responsible for maintaining the site a year, but also provide 200 megabytes of space. Because she makes the website conscientious and responsible, the website design is attractive, moreover the price is reasonable. Now find Lisa contact the website and the company is an endless stream of people. Warm film and television is Lisa help me do a web site, go in and see how the effect of it.

Lisa said that the huge wave of information coming footsteps clear. Whether to seize the commanding heights of the future era, creativity has become a decisive factor. "Knowledge capitalists" – those who rely on knowledge and wisdom to survive, will become the mainstream of the times.

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