The firefly answers PHPwind’s doubts

first self advertising activities, has been carried out for more than a week, but we still have people do not know what is the firefly, so the opening for everyone to do advertising:

firefly ( is the first site to provide landing sites for all sites in china. In short, that is, the user registered the firefly account, you can no longer re registration, landing directly under its franchise site. For users, better and more convenient to remember ID and password, without registration, you can enter the site. For the webmaster, we bring you not only the stability of traffic, but also the backbone of the site – members,


concept is not complicated, the following for your site doubts, I answer one by one,


yesterday the forum has called us first of all thank the stationmaster of a wolf with a savage heart, so we think, at least in the eyes of others of our team is a pack of wolves, the wolf is a social animal, suitable for combat groups, but also the style of tough, our team is towards the goal of the development of


get to business, say this obviously your Internet world view is too narrow, the firefly understanding is not enough! The firefly owned 3 product "one", "password box", "custom site navigation" complement each other, which gathered a large number of active users. Owners are usually now so keen on SEO, frequently submit various site navigation station, with the help of other blog is nothing more than a large number of soft, with more platforms to promote their own, who dare to stand webmaster loudly say you don’t need any platform, you can put a net station to do


firefly is such a platform, think about Sina, QQ. Why do they often add new features of society, why they opened the forum is not enough, but also friends, the game is to draw the user channel? They more, why don’t they say one, give you a member of? And why are you so Pidianpidian where they send some soft, hope so pull a little over


we want to gather members good, but why do we do one, the existing members send you? Our website service is designed to help more stationmaster the world to increase traffic, increase more precise membership. Imagine a user may search for relevant content of the game from Baidu, your forum a game content is searched, the user will click on it to come to see, but your forum is doing the delicacy. Just imagine he’s just browsing your website and going away. So many people like website navigation very much, because they classify your user groups. Users can find different websites according to their websites and find the websites they need. The fireflies are thought of, one passage of the site through the site navigation website will be more accurate to classify users according to their own needs to click into your site, in accordance with the usual procedures need to register, and a >

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