Local hospitals earn 100 to 100 thousand a month

in March of this year, I interviewed an ear, nose, throat, private hospital in Wuhan network marketing planning. Before I came, the hospital has been doing Baidu PPC, April earnings of only 100 yuan, the hospital has 3 graduates to do promotion, this surprised me. In the struggle after a month, net profit directly from 100 yuan to rise to 10w. Don’t talk nonsense, just tell me about my operation.

one. Site minor changes

the first observation site, the site layout is used in table, keywords and decscription are not, not what the substantive content from the Internet website, are copied, Baidu only included a few pages, no sitemap, no Links.

modification: the website uses div plus CSS, plus keywords and Description. Every day to publish a few pseudo original article, and other local hospital exchange links, making sitemap, and submit to the search engine. In addition, some modifications have been made, such as: after the customer system is closed, a few minutes later, it pops up, navigation, layout and so on.

two. PPC

at present, this kind of advertisement should be said to benefit from the network business "Duanpingkuai", so the hospital is willing to pay a high cost to bidding.

1. modifies keywords. The key word is not many, most of the key words are first, for example, the keyword "Wuhan ear nose throat hospital" has been ranked first. Think about it, most people do not have a problem of 3 organs, should also have the search: Wuhan hospital, Wuhan Hospital of ear nose and so on. Cancel some keywords ranking first, search these keywords are also many, not patients, the first place is the possibility of click, also wasted money.

2. keyword added. The patient’s search is 5, 8, 10, several key words can not meet the requirements. Such as: Wuhan hospital for the treatment of rhinitis, deafness, tinnitus, what medicine to eat and so on.

3. cancelled matches and content League promotion (formerly known as theme promotion). Baidu smart, careful observation is not difficult to find relevant results, most intelligent matching is not high, or according to the description in the text advertising meaning correlation matching is not large, but in the flow of Baidu search engine on the terrible. A lot of people say, "the content alliance is a fire money, so we don’t have to waste it.".

three: Q & a platform promotion.


we all know, Baidu knows, Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo, Sogou quiz, Tencent ask, Xunyiwenyao and so on, on these platforms each registered some account. Then to ask questions like this: Wuhan is of course the hospital treatment of otitis media is better (or the low cost / cheap), Wuhan resection of nasal polypus. "

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