How did Udemy develop without paying advertising

lead: they weren’t going well at first, and Udemy was facing the same problem with the successful sharing platforms (such as Airbnb and Uber), which is customer acquisition.

Udemy is a platform that provides online courses where users can learn skills that can be used in real life. According to Udemy, they currently have 4 million students, with more than 20 thousand courses, ranging from yoga classes, guitar lessons, search engine optimization, and JavaScript, and so on. The platform was established in 2010, and now actually success (currently every month new 1000 courses) compared, they didn’t start smoothly, and the success of sharing platform (such as Airbnb and Uber) as the initial problems, Udemy is also facing the same problem, that is the customer acquisition.


The growth of

Udemy is very interesting, and they do not over employ paid advertising as a channel for customer acquisition, but through organic search.

recently, the author and the company’s CEO Dennis Yang communication, he said, Udemy from its supply side began to "obtain customers.". "People use the Udemy platform because our instructors are great and unique. "So we’ll start with some organic relationships and identify the highest quality instructors, and they’re passionate about teaching," Yang says. Once Udemy has access to a number of core curriculum instructors, they can expand the course, and this transformation has become a demand. "You need to keep everything on the platform. We know that if there are no students interested in your course, the course instructor will not be on our platform for a long time."

when Udemy began to consider acquiring customers at the supply side, it evaluated all typical customer acquisition channels, especially in the digital field, including payment channels and organic channels. In this process, Yang emphasizes two experiences:

first, "for a platform, never demand silver bullet, we must improve step by step, the width of the content."

second, there are a lot of things, in others there may work, but we are here not, when you need to attract all kinds of supply and demand, in fact, there are no shortcuts, and there is no "panacea" what magic."

in fact, when building your own user base, Udemy focuses on the following three things:

1, search engine optimization (SEO). There is a lot of content on the Udemy platform. They blog and list all the courses they can offer

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