To the new webmaster site map production and submission

in the SEO site after optimization, making the next work to be done is the site map and submitted, this step may be a bit complicated, but for your site is Google and Yahoo included and update is absolutely good, how does it work? Do we need in the map before. The Google and Yahoo requirements for the site map formats: site map Google requires the use of XML format, Yahoo site map requires the use of TXT format.

one, website map making:

1, online production of a small site map:

if the number of your web site is less than 500, sitemap online: it is recommended that you use, open the page, enter the target URL, and then click start, after a few minutes, this tool will give you made XML, HTML, TXT three different formats of the site map, you can download.

2, using tools to make medium-sized Web Maps:

what tools make? Here to recommend a very good free website map making software: Site Map Builder, the official download address:, installed, you can start making a site map. This software is the English interface, simple operation, open the software, enter the target URL, click the button "Extract Links", the software began to analyze all the links of the target site, click on the end of the paper, File > > Save; map as >.> select the site map format to maintain, and then save the OK. Http:// welcome to my station,


two, sitemap submission:

submits sitemap to Google:, hl=zh_CN

1, enter this web site, log in with your Google account, and then add the destination URL.

2, then verify the target web site in accordance with the requirements of Google, select the HTML file validation.

3, at this time, in accordance with the requirements of Google, make a Google file name HTML file

4, using FTP to pass this HTML file along with the XML format sitemap file

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