Practical Webmaster Station introduction

Fan Qing gave me the first impression is that he is a man of principle, when most people in the East West copy on another website, he was soaked in other forums, careful search, identify the "gold content", see what is suitable for hair cloth, on his website he that data so as to update the quick step, after all, is a hybrid of the forum, many people do not have so much patience one more slowly.

China station ( was founded in 2005, but before this, he has more than two years experience in the establishment, according to his words is: do what are some, music, pictures, news thief program, anyway, to some more than others that lasted for 2 years, what do not have to return, only you can get through those stations bring a lot of experience, this is the 2 year return. After experiencing the blindness and pain of following the trend, he can feel relieved and re – locate, and is dedicated to providing a platform for web producers and webmasters to learn and obtain resources.

first, Chinese website to source code, but with the change of market demand, the site has been revised 3 times, the latest revision, mainly in the previous tutorial classes and resources, based on the non interactive function of membership, the membership system (new members can create BLOG and post their own), and to strengthen news and information, and strive to in the same site, the first time the relevant industry news reported.

Chinese station has been gradually to the direction of the development of comprehensive website, webmaster site required material, source, information, webmaster tools should be full, but in any case, information, download the source code, to provide tutorial learning has been a priority among priorities it. Fan Qing has always advocated: Web content must be fine, dedicated, data updates faster than peers. This may be the reason why China has always been a neutral site in the same website.

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