Small county town information port Forum model operation experience

, everybody is good, below is the stationmaster of Anyuan information port, Anyuan County everybody has not heard perhaps, just listened to just strange. However, China’s navel orange Township, you know where it is?. Ha-ha。 Yes, it is Anyuan County of Jiangxi province. We first introduced the small. Our county has a population of only about 30W. Netizens are pitiful. According to statistics, at home only 1-2W look like. Plus some friends in the field. Add up, I believe it will not be much. But I think, sooner or later the network is to develop, as late as possible, so as not to be robbed later. Well, don’t talk nonsense,


like a small county town, many webmaster friends usually choose to do BBS start. Yes, I chose the forum as well, but I added a website. I’m not going to say anything about the benefits of this forum. Let me talk about the website here. Under the content of the website, the current "Anyuan news", "Anyuan tourism", "Anyuan food", "Anyuan culture" and other local characteristics of the channel. So here, I’d like to talk about why I’m doing these channels. First。 To be sure of the news, how can a local port do not have local news? Besides, local news is well done. Can attract a large number of users. Anyuan tourism, our county tourist attractions or hemp?. For example, "three hundred mountains", the state-level scenic spots, is the source of Dongjiang River, Hongkong compatriots drinking water source. Hakas first big round — East Sheng wei. There are many cultural relics, attractions and the like do not say.

so many attractions. If you don’t do it. What a waste. And these pictures are collected online, a lot, plus some original pictures taken by myself. A beautiful tourist channel is on OK. Let’s talk about the food again. Ha-ha。 Local snacks, specialties and other pictures are collected. Put it up, both good to do, but also to see a sense of home, and later done well, you can also work with local businesses, the prospects for development, but very good. There is also a "Anyuan culture", a local culture is the vitality of a local website, it can make people feel intimate, nostalgic feeling. People always like to miss the past. So what the hometown of Tea Picking Opera (I do not know you have not heard, the birthplace of Gannan tea picking is our Anyuan), Hakka (yes, we Anyuan people belong to the Hakka people), township (Hakka words like), there are some characteristics of the cultural information collected. Ha ha! A nostalgic cultural channel, OK,


ok. The site is ready. Someone here will say. Why don’t you put the channel on the forum?. I thought so, too. Then I analyzed it carefully. These materials are rarely changed. Like traveling. Collect all the sights of your hometown. There are very few updates later. If it’s on the forums. It may take two or three pages to finish. With the increasing number of postings later on. These posts have long gone to the back. Who will turn over and see?. As far as I found. After 3 pages, few people go to see it. So I put these >

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