New station on line a small experience

I am

from the new station on the line that day, I second, I will go to each big search engine submission site, before long, it included the GG I, one has 203 sides, slowly long, then I change the site, second days to GG site, a no, I was back to how to think? Don’t be K, scared me, then ask a friend of SEO, he said nothing, a few days back, really a few days GG and included my station, but it is 10, until now had one hundred, a few days ago included, is more than 70, then I optimized the several channels and page keywords, GG included reduced to about 40, I faint.

to this end, Baidu has not included my site, do not know what is going on, will be the server’s IP was K, and I went to check, the server has a web site was included in the Baidu. Others have not included.

, this is my stop. doesn’t know if there is a problem with the website. I haven’t found it yet…

I went to Baidu post bar, made some stickers, the highest site up to 600IP, PV to more than 3000, one did not go to the hair, there are dozens of left…

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