The media of local portals the viewpoint of news

The news content of the

local portal has always been a problem, and there has been a problem like this:

1, some people think that grassroots media without the right to interview is not the media at all.

2, the source of content, is often a simple copy of local newspapers.

3, the content of vulgar, lack of reputation.

4, the content from the Internet community, is full of negative information and has become the outlet for social discontent. There is no value in clicking.

the result of these problems is that the home page of the local portal lacks professionalism and reputation, and can not form its own value. Then, how should the news content of the local portal website be solved? Can the home page of the local portal form its own features and values? How should the content of the local portal be organized?

, media positioning of local portals.

is the media, the first thing is positioning, that is, thinking about what their goals.


is on the road to media in local websites, let’s not forget the fact that the main expression of local websites is local communities. The reason for the formation of local communities is the lack of public media in the community, and people expect their own media to represent their own interests. This is one of the premises for local websites.

analyzes traditional media that have existed and are now in decline, and local newspapers or various types of urban newspapers are very similar to local websites. Zhang Rui pointed out in his blog: the newspaper often vulgar, dubbed the "migrant workers report". Party newspapers have reputation and discourse rights, but lack of profitability; evening newspapers and city newspapers lack reputation, but they do not have much money. Only the Southern Metropolis Daily, which is located in the middle class, has both reputation and business income. This is worth reference.

then, how do you locate local portals,


media is the product of urbanization, and the backbone of social consumption is the urban middle class. Undoubtedly, local websites should also be targeted at the life and consumption of the urban middle class. 19 floor, long lane gave us a good revelation. Local websites should target audiences in the middle tier of social Pyramid.

The first approach is used to realize the value of the

Internet content filtering users, the people’s livelihood news at this point and local site to operate the consumer is not a contradiction! We have to do is to meet the needs of the consumer groups of our livelihood content filtering out valuable user groups.

two, the information source of the local portal

any local portal can not change the reality of the right to interview. As far as information sources are concerned, local website information comes from two channels:

· the city’s traditional media, mainly the print media network version.

· the content provided by community users, that is, localized U>

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