Share my entire experience with the QQ website for 12 months

long time no activity on the Internet, because the project has been so no time on today, occasionally a little time to share my Q station after a year of experience, not purely fictional, first entering the world after my work site is: QQ, a domain name of a space, fix today evening! High spirits a little inspiration, so I want to write something for yourself intoxicated. Interrogation record is really tired of asking, want to change a way to express their feelings. This evening, I will give my experience of QQ station for 1 years, and summarize it in my own way. Style of writing is very bad, everyone laughed at the Chinese school! Was not good, the teacher teaches us Chinese go early, so I have not seen the Chinese achievement 60 pass is what it looks like, can not blame others, blame themselves for not only young to old and sad words, the foundation is poor and we can as a dreamlike novel the works of Lu Xun (see the truth), now I use text to this year I do QQ station experience for everyone to have a look, first we need to understand the QQ station on the network is what position, what can use, must be clear, do not blindly intervene to do QQ website that took a tremendous effort at QQ station did not return flow, you will be completely iritani, so we have to do our own love this so-called QQ website as a hobby and entertainment mood, in fact Put it bluntly (I personally think) QQ station is currently on the Internet is a full set of garbage sites, a lot of questions on the strange asked, since it is a garbage station, then why do you have to do this problem temporarily avoided?. QQ its content from the Internet, are out of order of words which QQ name, signature and so on! I think a year has been around a dumpster to turn very sad, but the QQ station also let me earn a little money now. For the station to change the style, but also their own hobbies! This station is currently the most important me.

QQ website as early as a few years ago is a fire, specific QQ is the most fire time, Q station also come all the way, the result: fire. From then on, the webmaster should know, I started from 08 years, it was already late. I remember when the network owners can often see the home page on QQ of this article, remember a lot of master are recommended to newcomers to the novice from the QQ website to start, so I’m still young novice, said: not to old sorrow, don’t shock me sarcasm, shock. At that time the QQ website is really pornographic and violent, than the United States to tornado also strength, pray to God again several times some awesome tornado hit Obama! Turn to the question: I remember when I was just starting to do QQ webmaster, because often stay up empty, know a net friend, we have a good relationship at present you can become friends. I do QQ station is often out of order to manually add the content, and he spent a few thousand splinters does something after all people and technology, means. I was >

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