People on the nternet mail marketing PK telemarketing

everyone on the telephone marketing is absolutely not unfamiliar, many areas of Internet companies as the main marketing mode, this way and customers can communicate directly to convey information about the products and services, marketing staff of the telephone marketing level determines the marketing effect.

mail marketing is a marketing method, this kind of marketing I said earlier, the success rate of between 0.01% and 5%, if the comparison you will find, email marketing and telemarketing is PK.

1, propagation speed

a telephone marketing staff every day up to how many calls between 50-200, a message can be sent to the mailbox every day how many, 20 minutes / is no problem, every hour is 1200, 10 hours is 12000, the number of very objective.

2, success rate

a good telemarketing personnel, the average success rate will be around 3% – 16%, of course, points to what the market, the success of the mail marketing success rate will be around 5%.

3, customer antipathy

customers are disgusted with the product you sell, or what you say and your attitude is very likely to go up directly. You may not answer the phone as soon as you see your number. Good email marketing doesn’t make customers feel bad unless you recommend your product directly in the mail. If you talk to a client, that means half of your success, because he called you when he saw your mail.

4, controllability

phone marketing can control the time, speed, and content of a call. And mail marketing can not, and can only let the same content to spread. Through telephone marketing, you can directly feel the intention of customers, and mail marketing can not, can only wait for customers to contact you, so telemarketing is active, and mail marketing is prone to passive.

5, manageability

if you call a customer, customers have the intention, but now also do not want to deal, so you can continue to follow up, which can carry out the management of the feasibility of customer, and mail marketing is send out mail can not perceive the customer is interested or without intention, so management poor.

6, easy to operate,

telephone marketing operation has certain difficulty, need professional training, and often exercise, in the process of continuous calls to improve. But there are a lot of email marketing is very regular, as long as you have a mass mailing software and a mail collection software can fix, as compiled with the marketing effect of the content of your mail can be trained to complete their own.

7, emergency response capability requirements

telemarketing requires a strong response

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