The difference between an enterprise website and a personal website

recently found a job, the company website optimization, so the first contact enterprise website, talk about the understanding of enterprise website.

this company is mainly for 4008 number sales. The goal of the company to optimize is: all the numbers of customer search 4008 can appear in the search results of the company’s Web site.

this is not difficult, that simple is not simple. I spent a few days looking at the other 4008 related websites. Finally, you made a template that generated 300 pages with Dede, including 4008 numbers, 4007 numbers, and 4006 numbers. All static pages contain 10000 numbers per page. These two days to hang up, and then waiting to be included.

, of course, can’t wait and talk about the company’s website and personal website.

The difference between

enterprise website and personal website:

1. different ways of profit.

The main purpose of

‘s corporate Web site is to turn users who come to the site into their customers. So, sometimes do not need a lot of traffic, and as long as the flow is valid traffic is ok.

personal website’s main profit is alliance advertising. So the main thing depends on the flow.

2. has a different attitude towards search engines.

enterprise website is mainly for their own brand promotion. So there are many corporate websites that are beautifully made, and there are lots of pretty flash like things that affect the speed of opening.

in fact, they are sometimes forced to do so. You, for example, have two companies that do 4008 numbers. One of the websites is beautifully made and very beautiful. The other site is simple, but very practical. If it were you, which would you choose,


and some enterprise website do out, mainly to his customers see, all search engines included, he does not care about.

, and personal website has said above, mainly for traffic. We all know now that things like flash are very bandwidth intensive. And the content doesn’t know what the search engines know, so it doesn’t make sense to put them in place. Personal website should have characteristic, and want concise. Because you want to spell art, spell design, how can compare to those large portal site? You see, like my website, computer knowledge network, is used Dede template, slightly modified next. Because I think it actually can be, the key is the website content rather than style, get the garish, no points, this is not to retain repeat.

write these two temporary, and the rest want to write.

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