Rui Yang buy site how to make money

group buying hot, let buy a group of websites appear like mushrooms in front of us, but not buy hot, so that every buy site make money. In fact, "sharp ocean" said a bit vulgar, but the fact is that, if the enterprise website can be decent, is to promote corporate culture, and the purpose of buying sites is to make money. So, how to make buy nets to make money? Sharp ocean below and everyone simple chat.

one. Q & a marketing faces consumer

knows the main two components of buying a website to make money. One is the consumer, and the other is the manufacturer. Consumers can always search what they want to buy online. Because of this, the question and answer marketing is good and bad is particularly critical. Should be multi angle, diversified interpretation of websites and commodities. More roles play different types of consumers. So these platforms need to have N high weight, old level numbers. It is convincing to say so. Of course, as the choice of manufacturers, the site should also pay attention to, as far as possible genuine goods, goods than three. Group buying net wants to make money, must look for good cooperative company of sex price. What is done is not a hammer deal. Still better than the goods.

two. Baidu promotes fitness,

if the group purchase website to out quickly, but also do Baidu promotion, after too many group purchase website, and is known to be as early as possible, a simple optimization is the need for a long time to effect. You can choose the key words in a period of time, and control the time at the same time. In fact, the price is not too expensive. What’s more, Baidu is usually friendly about its Web site. It is also convenient for other marketing work to a certain extent. In fact, Baidu promotion to buy a lot of sites, it is like standing in a different starting line, you ran, but this time, people are already in the next bend. That’s the reason for losing at the starting line. People do it, and you don’t do it, that’s all.

three. Campus network, white-collar crowd propaganda,

In fact,

group purchase of the reason is very simple, cheap, fashionable, so students are more suitable for the former, while the latter is the white-collar workers and their advocates, the circle is relatively large, a person, can move a few people or even a group of people. Therefore, the development of these two groups of people, is to buy network must do. Campus network, Renren, and some white-collar often play forums, blog circles, this can be. There is also one of the most earth friendly methods. That’s a flyer line. The design of the leaflet was full of allure. A visual attraction. This is the best way to pull the network group purchase. It is also the most practical way.

sharp ocean above said these methods, in fact, friends may understand. But it’s not easy to really do it well. The details here are very important. Details determine destiny. At the same time, network group purchase promotion, to look often put in the peer body, see how others do it, what is people’s strengths, which they do not, they can use their own shortcomings compared to what people. So as to get up and avoid

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