The women had breast fibroma health network don’t worry

breast fibroma is round or oval, smooth surface, clear boundary with the surrounding tissue, there is a sense of capsule, easy to promote. The increase of breast fibroma is slow, and the tumor can be increased rapidly due to the influence of estrogen during pregnancy or lactation.

women with breast fibroma don’t worry about

breast fibroma is the most common benign tumor of the breast, good hair at the age of 20-39 years of age among women, because the age of the female ovarian function is strong, sex hormones are also active. Generally have estrogen and breast fibroma of the stimulus, as part of the breast tissue is sensitive to estrogen, so by estrogen stimulation of epithelial tissue and fibrous tissue of the breast will occur in varying degrees of hyperplasia, known as fibroadenoma.

breast fibroma is benign, usually solitary more see, also have multiple cases, ordinary patients can not feel, because it is not only a slight pain or pain, dull pain, the pain and the size of the menstrual cycle, growth slow, smooth surface, because there is a layer of coated tumor outside. So with the surrounding tissue boundaries are clear, and feels the toughness is relatively good, in pregnancy or lactation, mass will significantly increase.

breast fibroma is a benign tumor, the possibility of small cancer, surgical resection is the only means of treatment, removal of the tumor should be routinely performed pathological examination. As a result of pregnancy can increase the breast fibroma, breast cancer found before and after pregnancy should generally be removed in a timely manner.

How does

grow breast fibroma to treat? Is there a breast fibroma surgery?

Shenzhen Humanity Hospital breast specialist director Cui Fuying said: now a clinical breast fibroma doctor will recommend surgery, especially some women did not give birth, because of the impact of pregnancy or lactation by hormones of tumor increases rapidly. In fact, this is just a small surgery minimally invasive incision, usually in the edge of the areola after healing, basically can not see, and can immediately send to do disease inspection and final diagnosis.

, however, the surgical removal of the tumor, but if it does not change the basis of the production or not, there is a risk of recurrence, so many patients need medication after surgery. Drugs can also be used with traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, endocrine conditioning is also very experienced. A large number of clinical practice, hospital of breast, summed up a set of effective methods of minimally invasive surgery of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, endocrine conditioning, symptoms of breast fibroadenoma with combination of TCM and Western medicine.

experts remind: menopause if touch the breast that has mass should go to the hospital immediately, because the decline of ovarian function, estrogen secretion decreased gradually, especially after menopause, breast fibroma is a rare, highly suspected breast cancer may.

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