Sweeping robot what brand is good

busy day, who do not want to go home also need to clean up, so the sweeping robot was born, will be able to bring greater convenience to people’s lives. What good is a sweeping robot? From the perspective of the purchase, good sweeping robot should have a variety of cleaning mode, and anti collision anti drop function to humanity, and the use of brush type brush head is not easy to slag and dust and hair wound rather than spiral type dust collecting box is big enough, also need to double filter, when the bathroom with the other the room has no partition or drop, the virtual wall function is very important…… Do you think it’s rather complicated?

after all, it is the tool of their own life, in the face of complex and complicated living environment, many details of the design is also essential. Sweeping robot which brand is good, if you feel that you do not have time to understand these features, it is a direct choice, such as iRobot, Ecovacs, Proscenic and other comprehensive qualities of excellent brand products.

sweeping robot what brand is good? 1, sweeping robot rating first: (iRobot USA) iRobot sweeping robot

irobot sweeping robot is the United States high-tech manufacturing enterprises, after the TOMEFON Feina sweeping robot in sweeping robot industry, iRobot invented various types of military and police, rescue, reconnaissance robot, lightweight and practical, by the military, police, rescue units used in various fields, due to the limited number of the use of military robots, iRobot gradually germination of the idea of the design household robot, and joined the Taiwan Acer group in 1995, funds, applying.

dust is the enemy of human health, not only with a lot of bacteria and viruses and eggs flying everywhere, spread of diseases, and excessive dust can also cause environmental pollution, affect people’s normal life and work, human induced respiratory diseases. The iRobot developed a sweeping robot Roomba not only can effectively remove dust, but also make people enjoy the convenience of life.

sweeping robot what brand is good? 2, sweeping robot rating second: (Neato USA) Li Tuo sweeping robot

NEATO Li Tuo sweeping robot, from the United States Silicon Valley, meaning clean and elegant, perfect summary of the three founders of the ideal mind, they will set up a company in the United States of California Silicon Valley, a continuous manufacturing science miracle sanctuary. Since 2010 1 generation product was born, intelligent laser guidance system is the core of each NEATO robot, the patent application based on SLAM technology even before Google no world famous in the field of driving a car, cleaning robot. Many of the evaluation agencies and authorities are given the highest evaluation of NEATO, said its intelligent worthy of the name, very subversive. >

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