Hot pot franchise operators how to investigate the project

hot pot franchise operators how to investigate a project to obtain a more secure investment business? Many novice investors on the investment business is not very clear, it is easy to walk into the misunderstanding, Xiaobian compiled the relevant experience to share, I hope you can help.

To investigate other stores under its brand before joining

If a Hot pot stores to join the threshold is very low, there is no requirement, as long as the payment of fees will be added and joined the business, this situation must think twice, in fact it basically can be said to be a name to sell business, franchisees have almost no professional training, technology and management personnel and financial support.

Is one of the important issues for the

if you want to go into the Hot pot stores, should contact directly with the company, or contact the local distributor, not after the third signing any document, or can not guarantee the rights and benefits, costs and unreasonable payment.

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