May Beijing second hand housing market price hike phenomenon disappeared

residential has always been the most fundamental rigid demand, buy a house is one of the most important events in life. So, in the face of the sale of second-hand housing households sit in prices of the phenomenon, so many consumers feel a headache. May Beijing second-hand housing market can effectively solve the "swapping" phenomenon, let’s see the relevant reports.

entered since May, Beijing second-hand housing market to rational. "Swapping" phenomenon has disappeared. The majority of owners to accept the price, the room for discussion.

it is worth noting that, despite the sharp decline in the volume of transactions, but the transaction price is still high, with an average of more than 40 thousand yuan per square meter easily. According to the Statistical Institute of chain of the first week of May, Beijing second-hand housing net signed volume of 3857 units, fell sharply last week to 43.3%, the lowest level since 2016; the average transaction price of 40667 yuan / square meters, up 1.7%.

coincidentally, Bank of Communications (5.250, 0, 0%) chief economist Lian Ping said yesterday, the first and the second part of the city under the policy control turnover dropped significantly, but the transaction is not equal to the price also fell down. The future of the real estate operation situation, the price to a substantial decline, almost impossible.

volume does not reduce prices?

in fact, throughout Beijing, a second-hand housing market, are in a downward trend in turnover.

according to Albert I love my family group statistics, the nineteenth week of 2016 (May 2nd -5 8), Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) net signed 1884 sets, the chain fell 37.5% to eighteenth weeks, the amount of net signed a record high this year in seventeenth weeks, fell for two consecutive weeks.

a few days ago, the "Securities Daily" reporters in Tongzhou issued the most stringent restriction order after a visit to Tongzhou also found that the core area of the canal project did not come due to the purchase price, the opening of the new listings is expected pricing than the previous period is still high, or even higher price increases nearly 20%.

concern is, for the second-hand housing market, although the first week of May net signed volume fell below 4000 units, in the customer wait-and-see period market turnover shrinking, the lowest value since 2016, but the average transaction price is still not decline. In this regard, the chain of home Research Institute believes that the structural factors affecting the average transaction price, Beijing city six district turnover accounted for a rise of 0.5 percentage points; high price of School District Housing turnover accounted for an increase of 1.05 percentage points.

Lian Ping pointed out yesterday, a second tier city under control after adjustment of prices will be recommended to control

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