Zhengzhou public rental enough points

economic development, a lot of people, a month to over 10000, is a piece of cake, but for most people, the low level of wages, pressure to buy a house, can only rely on the government to provide public rental! So, Zhengzhou’s public rental enough points?

income of 3300 yuan, housing difficulties, meet certain conditions can apply, how to ensure that the income of the applicant is true and reliable? Ordinary people (603883, stock it) is the house cost-effective, or collar subsidies worthwhile? Apply for monetary subsidies, you can immediately receive money? From the fitness room to the public rental and then monetization, why audit information is not networked? On Saturday, the newspaper reported the Zhengzhou municipal government issued the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government on further improving the public rental housing security system notice. July 4th, in July 5th, Dahe reporter on the four issues of concern to the people of Zhengzhou municipal government departments concerned.


the income figures provided by the applicant, how to ensure that they are authentic?

according to the new policy of Zhengzhou, built up area in the city of Zhengzhou (excluding District) within the scope of the civil affairs department found that the per capita income is less than the minimum standard of 6 times the city (including) [] that is 3300 yuan, the public rental housing security conditions of the family, you can choose monetary subsidies. This standard is not too broad, will it be false?

Mr. Zhao

Zhengzhou, a second-hand housing intermediary manager said, before apply for public rental housing needs a long row of the team such as house, certificate down, the house has no shadow. Now can be directly converted into subsidies, it is estimated that someone will drill the loopholes. For example, some people are obviously very high income, but to open a false proof of income. Some are under the name of company, but when they apply for the keep from talking about.

Zhengzhou municipal government official said, after the introduction of the new policy, Zhengzhou district (CMC) housing security department will be in conjunction with the District, towns, street offices and other units of public rental housing security in the household population, housing, income, marriage, household and other complex nuclear and checks. Violations found in the review, once verified, will be handled in a timely manner.

he said, on the one hand, Zhengzhou City, social, industrial and commercial, tax, public security, provident fund and other departments will participate in the examination of applicants. On the other hand, Zhengzhou will strengthen the supervision of the masses, to report violations of discipline, violations, once verified, according to the law severely dealt with; constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.


so many years, why audit information is not networked?

according to the new deal, the average family income is low, you can get more public recommendation

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