Liuzhou city rural e commerce online business sea tide

is now in the rural areas of electronic commerce industry wide also began to rise, constantly at the same time, has also attracted some young people more and more rural e-commerce business, some of the electronic commerce and the sales of agricultural products can be combined to play a very good effect.

8 3 days to 5 days, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee inspection team deep into the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County and other places, some problems of the economic and social development of ethnic areas in our city to inspect, affirmed our city rural e-commerce online business diversification mode, and advised me to arrange a certain rural Electronic City business development funds, to create "the priority of rural e-commerce development along the three batch of" new heights: create a number of rural e-commerce demonstration towns, create a number of rural youth e-commerce demonstration village, hatching a group of rural e-commerce key villages; selection of strong impetus and widespread industries, taking the lead in development electronic commerce, build e-commerce demonstration industrial zone.

"the city’s six county district four existing agriculture e-commerce enterprises 180, sales of products including 40 kinds of agricultural products and agricultural food in our city." Municipal Commission of Commerce official said, the city has set up a rural e-commerce service center, the implementation of 3 pilot counties, opening 200 village shop, and for agricultural enterprises, cooperatives and family farms to provide rural electronic commerce technical consulting, technical training, product sales and service shop online. From the city level commercial and trade services to support the development of funds in the integration of 10 million yuan, to promote the development of traditional farming in rural areas, trade and other e-commerce industry. 30 in Liuzhou e-commerce industry demonstration garden of agriculture related business enterprise, mainly sales of local production of all kinds of agricultural products and agricultural food enterprises, the annual turnover of more than 1 million yuan of 16. The company and the Alibaba jointly create "Taobao · characteristics of Liuzhou Museum" project put into trial operation at the end of May this year, the merchants settled in more than and 20, the electricity supplier of agricultural products involving brown sugar, passion fruit, tea and other several varieties of more than and 10, orders were up 20% days.

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