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anatomically, sebaceous glands and large sweat gland breast, breast skin surface of the oil is under the areola of the sebaceous glands. During pregnancy, increased secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands also areola nipple hypertrophy, become soft, and increase the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands also make the skin surface acidification, leading to cuticle softening. At this time, if the commonly used soap cleaning items, from the nipple and areola. The breast skin secretions, wash away the protective lubricating grease, the women’s breast health is bad.

daily life, a common number of women, especially women with breast soap scrub, thought to be able to clean the skin, protect the breast. In fact, wash with soap breast more harm than good, negative breast health.

often use soap to clean the breast, through mechanical and chemical action to wash away the surface layer of the skin of the breast cells, causing cell division derived. If you constantly get rid of these keratinized layer cells, it will damage the skin surface of the protective layer, so that the skin swelling. This swelling is due to excessive local breast drying, adhesion and cell shedding caused by.

if every night or usually too often repeated use of soap and other cleaning materials, while the local breast and breast skin alkalization, local skin to cover the protective layer and to restore the "acidic environment", it takes a long time. Continue to make soap on the skin surface of the alkaline alkaline bacteria at the same time, also promote the skin plexus growth, the local breast acidification difficult.

addition, soap cleaning can wipe the skin protection breast lubricating oil (oil) fat. So, if lactating women often scrub with soap breast, not only for breast health (health food) no benefit, but it will also for defense ability of local breast drops, cracked nipples infection, cause. The baby sucking machinery frequent stimulation, it is easy to induce mastitis and other breast diseases.

therefore, to fully maintain lactation breast local health, let the baby have enough breastfeeding, it is best to choose the temperature of boiling water wash, do not try not to use soap, alcohol, chemical stimulus.

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