Shower Gel ten brands list

in a variety of household goods, shower gel can be said to have been a very big demand, precisely because of such a consumer market, the industry will allow the brand is more and more. In short, shower gel is the need of every family, it is not only a simple clean skin, more important is the bath brings cool and comfortable, moist and smooth feel, so we pay more attention to the brand of shower gel. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands shower gel.

shower gel ten brands ranked one: Dove Dove

engaged in the beauty industry has been nearly 50 years of history, Unilever is the most valuable brand. Dove is Unilever’s most valuable brand. The beauty of Dove is the beauty of self – definition, its beauty is not only external but also internal. For more than 40 years Dove has been using real people to advertise. Like Dove’s English name Dove, it symbolizes hope, happiness, peace and the name of all positive things. It is very real, with a simple beauty, but also firmly abide by their commitments.

shower gel top ten brands ranked in the top two: Johnson Johnson baby

Johnson baby is Johnson’s world-renowned baby care brand. 100 years, Johnson has been the baby of several generations of mother’s trust, this trademark, wonderful emotional bond between mother and baby is included, many consumers and health experts considered the infant care professional brand. Since entering China in 1992, Johnson baby to provide reliable baby care products for Chinese families at the same time, is committed to promoting the health care knowledge and concepts of neonatal health.

shower gel ten brands ranked in the top three: LUX lux

1926 years, the United States formally entered China, became the first international brand stationed in china. Hercules was founded in 1889, initially only for the production of laundry soap, known as the "sunshine sheet". A few years later, changed its name to LUX, from the Latin word "light", but also contains the meaning of Luxury.

shower gel ten brand rankings: Safeguard

, four

(Chinese) Procter & Gamble Co., Shufujia soap, liquid soap and Shower Gel – ten brands, 1992 to enter the China market, the leading brand of personal cleansing products market China, Chinese family bath products brand, the world’s top 500 enterprises.

shower gel ten brand rankings: OLAY

five OLAY


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