Xiong Hui Trinity complementary way to achieve the operation of online and offline double business

under the impact of the current electricity supplier, the store also how to survive? How can you make money? This is a lot of worries about the store owner. Traditional store into the Internet marketing is the trend. In fact, the traditional physical store ‘OCS’ is not difficult, through the integration of innovation, the same can radiate new vitality……"

2015 at the end of the day, Jiangxi province Qingyunpu District of Nanchang City Huimin supermarket boss Xiong Hui told reporters, under the impact of electricity providers, many traditional store business performance decline, closing phenomena have occurred, so the thinking of using the Internet to transform the traditional store management, it is particularly important. The couple Xiong Hui through the store, shop, micro shop complementary advantages, to achieve a good online and offline symbiotic symbiosis.

three store force increase popularity

"we open shop is still relatively easy, a year down sales of eighty-nine million yuan, equivalent to the store 1/4 of sales, profit of about seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan." Xiong Hui’s wife Luo Yan said.

2008 years, Xiong Hui on the transformation of their electronic products store, to a 180 degree cross-border big turn, switch to the supermarket business huimin. However, he worked in the IT company he never thought of net, while trying to operate the physical supermarket, but also opened a supermarket online. It is this love "consciousness, so he began to try the line under the" two legs "to walk. At home, he did business across the country.

open shop to bring benefits to Xiong Hui, but also for the store gathered popularity.

2014 in February, Xiong Hui joint network company, online supermarket launched a shopping network to send coupons promotional activities, greatly increased popularity. Preliminary estimates, the event brought to the store nearly 30% of the incremental sales." Luo Yan said happily.

2014 April, Xiong Hui couple see mobile payments, micro shop momentum, but also opened its own Huimin micro shop, help traditional store operators.

complementary positioning quasi

now, Xiong Hui shop and shop operators, micro shop Trinity, to achieve the advantages of complementary.

in view of the fact that the traditional business is still dominant, we put the Internet marketing as an effective supplement to the traditional physical store, clear development pattern from a large level." Because manage clear thinking, Xiong Hui effectively avoiding the contradiction between the tradition and the modern business integration process due to improper distribution of energy and other causes, the radiation range and function and a clear division of network promotion, micro shop, shop, shop features, network promotion is hot stores, micro shop reputation casting.


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