What are the factors of success

go on the Road shop, and has obtained the success, this is not a simple matter, decisive factors are very much, Xiao Bian here will be for you to analyze, look at what are the main factors of the success of the shop!

(ratio of more than 20% flavors), the flow of people is relatively stable, need to have a good reputation, to maintain a sustained and stable customer consumption; with good taste, in order to have more customers to come to the consumer, word of mouth to attract more potential customers. There is no good taste, and then a big brand, and then many stores are just floating clouds.

(ratio of more than 15% brands), relatively non store brand, has a certain scale and brand effect of the franchisee, through the role of the brand to achieve rapid customer group understanding to promote sales as soon as possible.

(ratio of more than 50% lots), no good location, do not blindly invest. The so-called good location, refers to the flow of people is relatively stable, have good customer consumption ability, suitable for the flow of people, facade display and suitable space, and relatively low rents.

jiamengfei (ratio of 15%), the current market franchise brands, consumer choice is more abundant, without a strong brand to dominate in the market, each brand has its own relatively stable groups to buy some products, love them, but also the consumers of new products have a willingness to try new things the role of the brand is relatively weak.


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