Wanda Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong is rich in the two generation of business minded

said Wanda, I believe that young people tend to think of Wang Sicong, in fact, President Wang Jianlin Wanda is a great tribute to the recent heady, son of Wang Sicong, Wang Jianlin will give what kind of evaluation?

11 9, the 61 year old Wang Jianlin told the Beijing News reporter interview in Beijing, the Xiaoping Southern entrepreneurs said on the eve of the sea, entrepreneurs are the most important quality is innovation, do not think of others, do not do well.

on the current business trend, Wang Jianlin also expressed their views, in his view, "burn mode" and "O2O subsidy wars" is not reliable behavior, relies entirely on the burn, certainly not live. The specific talk about what the problem? The following turn from the new Beijing News, the original title is "Wang Jianlin model" burn electricity supplier is a mistake, tiger sniffing made excerpts.


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