The reasons for the failure of the restaurant owner may have these

success or failure of a person, on the surface seems to be related to personal opportunities, but in reality, there is always a certain inevitability behind the success of the accident. The failure must have its reasons for failure, can not stand up, see if you have learned to learn lessons from failure. The rapid development of catering industry, the attractiveness of many people to invest in some people by making some people do catering rise head and shoulders above others, the restaurant lost badly, the following small for nine "Yingshang your summary of failure boss catering".

1, blind worship of social relations

a lot of food and beverage bosses over superstitious social relations. Relationship is the ability to promote productivity, so the establishment and application of social relations is the necessary capacity of businessmen. But the relationship is not equal to the social productivity, as to solve all the problems in the development of enterprises to forget the " a ready-made panacea, the blacksmith must own hard " the truth is suffering from large enterprises have the order reversed, sooner or later.

2, superstition airborne

said " monk chanting ". The correct approach should be: do not have to " airborne " can not be indiscriminate use of " airborne " not all " airborne ". In this regard, Chinese enterprises have learned too much, but there will always be someone who can not help but make a mistake: to give up the side of the talent, the master of the distant superstition.

3, corporate pillar confidant

by a person in control, rather than relying on the system of Chinese style control. Originated from the tradition of the peasants, the current commercial society, which is more and more popular in the crisis of trust, is the main bottleneck of the Chinese enterprises which take the emotion as the link.

4, who didn’t know

Look at the head to head is

, has been addlebrained. Never see their own leading factor in the industry, a successful history, full brain confused account. As a result, there has never been a clear strategic plan: what to adhere to, what to improve, how to innovate and how to stick to it.

5, credit loss

does not count, the contract does not count, the promise does not count, which is almost the most common Chinese businessmen tribal landscape. The rules, plan changes irregularly, made today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, men at a loss; foreign contractual commitments, a piece of paper, as the case discount even daub, tear, partner back.


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