College entrance examination is coming to the end of the comic shop resurrection opportunity

the last day of college entrance examination, whether students or parents with a heart of joy. After the college entrance examination, animation shop business will be bursting. So open a unique animation store, must be crazy nuggets.

the current number of domestic rare comic book, comic books and hypermarkets given display space is very limited. More comic lovers are exposed to comic books through the Internet and even other illegal forms. Open a fine comic shop, naturally promising.

26 year old owner, Mr. Lee has a special hobby for comics, he found in the bookstore in Dongguan is difficult to find anime fans need the original comic, Mr. Lee began brewing a fine comic shop.

exquisite decoration drawing off the entry

in the decoration, Mr. Lee put the whole store in a red tone, in the rest of the reading area stocked with high-grade red sofa, style bright and eye-catching, the store opened last year, the first day has attracted many young people.

Many students take a little as

business with a small capital

in the name of a bookstore to make young people recommended

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